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Thread: Letters for Liz

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    Letters for Liz

    CICPO has another project on the go. I'm heading this one up and so far, it's going great! Providers and families from across the province are emailing letters to me outlining how Bill 10 will affect them. Really, anyone who wants to see this bill revised can write in. Providers, please put at the top of your letters in bold caps the number of children in your care and the number you will need to terminate. I will print the emails and FedEx them to Garfield Dunlop who will be hand delivering them to Minister Sandals at Queen's Park. I'm running a tally of the number of spaces to be lost, based on our emails. So far, I have received over 100 emails in just 24 hours and they're still coming in! I must have all letters by tomorrow night as I fly out for vacation early Sunday morning and won't be able to print any more. The package gets sent out on Saturday afternoon.

    Our immediate goal is to have this bill traveled so everyone has a fair say. The only consultation for this bill was with 65% Agency/Agency Affiliates and 35% parents. Not one single independent provider was consulted....not one...and we make up 78% of this industry! Minister Sandals wants to pass this bill by Christmas. Her tone has changed even since last week so we are being heard. But the push is really on now! While we all can agree with the spirit of Bill 10 and do want to see it passed, it's imperative that it be amended to better reflect the needs of families and providers in this province.

    You can send your letters to c.a.fredenburgh@gmai l.com
    Please include your name and address...not sure why, but I think it qualifies the letter as genuine....that's my assumption anyway.

    We are making waves!
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    The PC's have been fantastic in bringing our side to the debate. The more ammunition we have to give them, the better! Please take the time to write a letter to Minister Sandals and ask her to allow the committee to travel and meet with us - we are a major stakeholder in this situation and the government hasn't included us in their discussions when writing this Bill. They NEED to include is in discussions to amend it.

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    Done! I also shared your post with other providers. I noticed there is a typo in your email address on the "gmail" part, there is an space in between the letters. I noticed that when I tried to copy and paste the address.

    Thank you for doing this!

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    Thanks ladies! I don't know why that sometimes happens in this forum. I'll see if I can fix it.

    We've quite a number of letters now! I haven't done a count since yesterday afternoon, but we're well over 100. I was hoping for 1000, but that's me.....overly optimistic....painfu lly even, lol!

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