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    What do I do with these?

    So I went to a daycare centre closing sale and picked up some great deals. Some things were inside of the bins that I took for free but not sure what to do with them.

    I have a lot of die cuts. I had bought some when I opened not having a clue what to do with them and so they have sat unused. They are the little packs with 25 or so of the same image printed on them e.g a frog, lady bug etc. Any ideas?

    I also have about a million crayons now. I was thinking about doing some melted crayon art but I am looking for other ideas as well. TIA

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    We have quite a collection of dies at our childcare office here in Ottawa and they are great for many things. They can be used for seasonal flashcards such as putting a number and that many circles on a set of hat diecuts and putting them on the wall, for the smaller ones put them into a file folder to make a game where they have to match the same colour cutout for younger kids or put something on the cutout like a sticker or picture from a magazine they have to match. The larger ones can be given to the children for art to draw in the features so you give them the frot and they add in the eyes and mouth either drawn or cut from other paper. Tape them to the floor for a stepping stone path or play same as musical chairs removing a shape each time. Use the smaller ones for making patterns bug, bug, frog, bug, bug (what comes next).

    For the crayons there are lots of websites showing how to melt them in molds or an old muffin tin to make multicolour crayons. Would make a great Christmas gift idea to do it for the kids and then give them a package of the diecuts to take home and draw on.

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