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    I have been in business 8 years and have never nor will I ever provide my sin number to anyone except my accountant and Revenue Canada.
    Identity theft is running rampant and I protect my identification at all costs.
    One of my clients was audited two years ago and I received a letter from the auditor asking me to verify numbers and dates and that was good enough. I have never had an issue personally or professionally with Revenue Canada so I guess that helps.

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    Quoting mimi:

    I have been in business 8 years and have never nor will I ever provide my sin number to anyone except my accountant and Revenue Canada.
    Identity theft is running rampant and I protect my identification at all costs.

    completely agreed!!!
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    It never occurred to me that any one could re-write CRA requirements just because they wanted to. LOL How can it be that you can pick and choose which elements you follow?

    Whether or not you do provide your SIN number, doesn't change the clearly documented information that you are obligated to and should be.

    I agree that identity theft is a concern but that is covered by providing the option to register the business and use that number instead.

    Clients who do their own tax returns using software will have missed out on the tax credit if they don't enter the SIN number. Their receipt will be excluded for calculations as being incomplete.
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    Sorry guys but Rachel is right.... And this is why I pay the $50 every three years to keep my business registered.... Because I do not want to give my sin out to anyone.

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    Do not provide a SIN, but register the business name, and use the registration number that they give you. The CRA can track you thru the number. My accountant has never had any issues with this, and neither has the CRA.

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    So in a nutshell, which is what I wrote earlier in the post. You do NOT have to give your SIN number if you have a Biz #. You pay the $50 a year to renew and consider it Fraud Insurance. I would still NEVER give my SIN # to anyone.

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    I also vote for registering a business. Because I had a case when I was unfortunate and regretted a lot about giving my data and not expressing what I have, I’ve never thought it could happen to me, that’s why I didn’t do this all. But after all the events, I just worked with write my essay online to write all the needed letters to start the process of getting my identity and my business back. And it cost me a lot. But everything went pretty well, and I could get everything back. So take care!

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