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    If you are only doing this for your kids to have playmates then get rid of this one because A) if the kids are all sleeping then they are not playing ....find a family that needs daytime care and B) this parent is causing you way too much aggrevation .... This parent needs a nanny

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    I'd have to agree...playdates don't really have much play if the kids are napping! Also, as great as it sounds to be getting full monthly pay with 'only' 16 days of care...keep in mind that full time care is actually only about 20 days a month not 30-31 so it really isn't that great deal...if the parent is not a good fit!!

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    Thanks guys this is what I have been like like she's pushing me around. I have stood firm on what my schedule is we have fought everyday and I keep telling her this is how it is and she doesn't get it! It's problem after problem with her. I just needed reassurance that I wasn't over reacting so thank you I think I will be terminating cause I don't see the issue going away. I think she needs a nanny.

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    That parent has NO idea how lucky she is. Not many caregivers are as flexible a you. Have a meeting, discuss the rules, if she doesn't 'get it', terminate her. You can only be so awesome!

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