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    Requesting your ideas for 11 year olds party loot bags

    Hi all my son's party is next Sunday and I am at a loss as to what to include in his friends loot bag?? They are 10 and 11 year olds, boys and girls. He told me only candy? What would you do? Awaiting your responses, thank you all.

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    What about some gift coupons for food at the movies or Subway. Candy is always good. Small bags of chips or cheesies. They love the junk. Doesn't mean you can't toss a large orange or apple into the bag too. Trinket type stuff for the girls is easy to come by at the dollar store, hair stuff, jewelry. For the boys that is a lot tuffer. Maybe something active such as frisbee, hockey ball, hackey sack. Dollar store often has games too that could be added, a water bottle, school supplies like pencils with designs and erasers or notebooks. I would just take a basket at the dollar store and stock up.

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    Gift card and a chocolate bar... or just candy.

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    Thanks so much Playfelt and Giraffe Really appreciate your responses. My son read the suggestions and he said its true we love junk mom lol. So we are going to do some active things , mind things( books/puzzles), some chips , gift coupons(dairy queen/subway), girly things and chocolate bars and candy.

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    When my child had a birthday, he invited a lot of his friends. After they ate at the festive table, they went to play in our garden. Most of all the children liked playing frisbee. This is not surprising, because the game of frisbee is very fascinating! I myself joined the children when I had free time.
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