So the dcb I terminated a few weeks back and maybe has one week left here, shows up today and dad says he is in underwear. My jaw hits the floor! This little guys has been potty training unsuccessfully since April. He apparently is on his way at home to no accidents. He has one good day here yesterday which I assume put the idea in the parents head that undies would be the next step at daycare. Or like everything else they don't respect me and just show up not caring about my policy on this. I want to see 2 solid weeks of no accidents here and at home, before the diaper comes off at daycare. The dad did say I can use up the diapers I have here, but I'm unsure of where to go with this. I'm thinking at pick up I tell him that I wasn't comfortable with the early under wear choice here and he will remain in diapers. Or do I let him go the day in undies and just hope he doesn't pee on my carpets. If he does then I tell the parents no way? Ideas on this?