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    Closing and etiquette

    Hi! Even though I mostly lurk, I would love a little guidance as to how to most gently close my dayhome.

    I have a low ratio dayhome - I accept one family at a time. They have almost always paid on time, and are excellent dayhome parents. The kids are sweet and aren't troublesome at all. Mom is expecting and done here in two months. Dad is actually my child's teacher - which is potentially awkward, though he is such a professional I can't imagine it becoming an issue in class. (I worry thoroughly, see!)

    I was just offered my dream job - and after running a dayhome for over ten years, it feels like the right time for our family to open a new stage of our lives and have me working outside of the home.

    I have a girl who can watch my kids till the summer inside of my house, and she is open to caring for the two dayhome family kids, too. Do I offer this to the parents?

    Also, confrontation isn't my forte. Is it acceptable to deliver the news via email? Or is this a phone conversation?

    My contract states two weeks, but I can give them till the end of the month.

    How would you manage this? I need a little support, I hate letting others down - despite this being an amazing opportunity of a lifetime - I am still struggling a little bit. Thanks!

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    I wanted to let you know to not think too much about them, keep your goal here as the main focus. This is a great opportunity for you and your family that is the best move for you. This is very different them terminating care due to parent or child issues.

    Let them know why you are closing they should, even just a little, be happy for you. Keep in mind that they need 2 more months of care, and you can provide one month of it, and you are able to offer up a solution for that other month (whether or not they choose it). Long term this isn't going to effect them too much.

    I don't think there will be an issue here. It might surprise them, but in all I think that you have a great reason to close and have a great back up plan for them.

    Feel confident in your decision. Do not over apologize, acknowledge that it isn't the best timing for them but then move on to the solution you have to offer and how this move will benefit you long term.

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    I just gave notice to my two families last week that I am closing.

    I gave one month's notice after I found out last week that I was hired at my new job. I did not provide options or suggestions for new childcare for the families, that is their own responsibility to sort out.

    I started off the conversation by saying, "so, I have some kind of bad news for you..." And went from there. I also provided a written letter at the same time detailing the information, return of the deposit, and payment info for the last month of care. I also offered to provide references for their new care provider.

    The families were surprised, happy for me, and sad for themselves. No one was rude or anything.

    I am also non confrontational but I think it would be inconsiderate to deliver the news via email or text. Families appreciate such news face to face. I know I would.

    Now you are doing something for you :-) congratulations on the job offer!

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    I think having a back up plan for the parents is wonderful and they will appreciate it. Best to give the news in person. I think you will see disappointment but they will be happy for you. Best of luck!

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