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Thread: Fever

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    So I had a DC mom show up this morning with DCB and she started to tell me about his fever last night. I interrupted her and told her he can't be here with 24 hr exclusion policy. She was agreeable and took him home. He looked fine, I was tempted to let him stay but ultimately said they had to go just so I am consistent and because there is always the scenario where they aren't well after all. Plus with the measles "outbreak" in Toronto, I am extra cautious.

    Just out of curiosity, is anyone ever lenient with this policy? I guess I also wonder if this would just encourage parents to be less forth coming with future incidents like this.

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    You did the right thing. If you start being lenient, then parents will expect you to be lenient. If they are not forthcoming it's actually pretty obvious. A child who has been "dosed and dropped" (given meds to mask a fever) will start to show symptoms again within about 4-6 hours of dropoff because that is when meds wear off. so usually right before/after naptime for me, I keep an eye out for this at this time of year although my dc parents have been pretty good.

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    No, you did the right thing. How many times have we all seen a child run a fever, then wake up fine, be fine all day, only to end up with that fever coming back on them the next afternoon? 24 exclusion is great rule for a reason!

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    I agree with what you did. I do find though that some parents just quit saying anything about their child being sick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickyc View Post
    I agree with what you did. I do find though that some parents just quit saying anything about their child being sick.
    So true. On more than one occassion I have had a child here who seem as though they have been given something (like tempra.) Not quite themselves, tired, warm but maybe not hot. No fever. And I wonder... I debate whether or not to ask at pick-up. They all know my policy. So do I put them on the spot? I figure if they lie, I won't have any more information and now they've lied twice, and if they tell the truth, "yes I gave him ..." then now we are in a situation where they know that I know they don't have any respect for me. Frankly. I would rather be oblivious. These families don't tend to stick around very long anyway.

    When I first opened my daycare, I ran into an old friend in the store one day. I told her what I was doing, to which she replied, "Oh, yah, I won't ever send my kids to licenced daycare anymore because they always send the kids home when they have a fever."

    I guess some people seem to think that is the whole point of daycare.

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    You did the right thing as I was in the same boat yesterday and the child did look fine so I decided to let the child stay ending up calling the Mom later and the Mom took the child to a Dr and she emailed me to tell he has Pink eye and will be staying home for the rest of the week- so it is a reminder to us all to check the children in the morning or we may end up getting sick and the other children too- wish I sent her home

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