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    Quote Originally Posted by torontokids View Post
    I'm glad to see what others are doing because my process feels too long. I do a phone interview that is usually 45mins-1 hr, send my policies out and if they are agreeable to everything we book a time in person. I have always allowed for and hour and families usually take that long. The families always say they feel really connected with me and I am pretty personable. I have never had a family that makes it to the meeting stage that didn't want to come to my daycare. I think primarily because I do spend the time with them on the phone and I weed out the ones that won't fit. Probably my training as a therapist helps as I am not scared to ask the hard questions and we talk about everything. That being said, I would like to shorten this process because it does turn into a bit of a play date. I think after seeing what others are doing, I will allow for 45 mins for the in person and tell them its 30 mins or so depending on any new questions they may have. Don't want to mess with the formula too much though!
    Yours sound like mine.

    If it helps, I have them come in person at end of day. House quite tidy so then there not other children to get into play date situation. Plus too, it getting close to supper time, child getting hungry, parent getting hungry. I find this best time.

    They come and everyone is getting off work so peoples not stay too long.

    If do meeting after supper, people get too comfortable and stay too long. Same if they come in daytime - unless you do nap time. They don't take so long then too.

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    I have seen a few of you say you send your contract/policies by email after the phone interview. I think this is a great idea... I think I'm going to start doing this. It just makes sense rather than printing it out for the face to face interview and going over it cold then.

    I also do a phone interview during nap time. I try to give 20 -30 minutes to the phone interview so that we can get a feel for each other. Then if the phone interview goes well, we book a meeting time. I book my time at 10 am. That way I explain to them what my schedule is, and we don't run any more than 30 - 40 minutes because I need to follow our daily routine. It's not rude to simply speak up and say something along the lines of "It was a pleasure meeting you, please contact me if you have any further questions. I have to _______ (go do craft, start lunch, clean up, etc...).

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