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    I think you're right. My mat leave family is always the first to pick up, always right on time, and he's not here every day. I think that's why this situation has been working so well for us.

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    I've had one mom leave to have a baby. She wanted to keep the older child in dc, even for at least 3 months, dad didn't see the point. They pulled him out and now have asked if I'll have room for them this September....I likely won't. Had they stayed, they would still only have one spot though. (Which actually would have worked out because they found preschool for the oldest one)

    When I hear that parents are considering/wanting another child, my first thought is that they will pull the older child. Even though I can understand why some want to keep them in dc, I just don't think that many can financially afford it on EI. I also think it's a great opportunity for the parent to have some extra time with their children. Soon they'll be in school full time and that little window of "toddlerhood" will be gone!

    I don't care either way what they do but in the future when a parent is pregnant, I will be asking what their plan is so that I can make my plan!

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    Kindertime, I can see where you are coming from. I guess from my perspective, I want my child to be as happy as possible. Being stuck at home and away from routine will make her nutty and resentful of the baby. By keeping her in care, I can spend quality time with the baby, get some sleep, and have a happy toddler that doesn't feel her world was turned upside down. I miss my girl all the time I am at work. But her happiness is more important than mine.

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    CrazyEight you make a good point. I agree that balance is needed and frankly, you are right, why have kids if you don't want to spend time with the? That said, I have already signed my eldest up for activities that 'mom and her' will do together sans baby. One program runs in the morning and so I will either be keeping her home those days or dropping her off late to daycare (with their approval). Thanks to the TorontoKids for opening up this conversation. It is really great to see all the points of view.

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