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    Here's a story for ya!!

    Hey Ladies,

    So I couldn't help but pass this story on. Its a unbelievable!!

    My mother has run a dayhome for just over 5 years, in Ontario. She was looking to fill a spot, and one of her existing clients recommended her to a mom in her play group (they don't really know each other well).

    The interested mom already had a spot lined up at a daycare center, but wanted to further explore her options. Understandable. So she sent my mom and email to set up an appointment. First she said 530, then 6, then 530, then 6 again. At first the dad was coming too, then not coming, and then he ended up showing up too.

    When they came, she fed him super while he was there. The mom said 6 was the only time that worked for them, and he always eats at 6 and cant mess with his schedule. Any red flags going up yet?

    The lady proceeded to tell my mom that the little one does not eat ANYTHING processed. No block cheese, yogurt, no store bought cookies or crackers. He also only eats whole grain feed chicken, no pork or beef, and only gets milk that comes from an organic farmer. Only bottled water, not tap water, and that includes, any foods that are made with water.

    She has worked hard to keep him on a schedule so he would have to nap at 9am and 2pm, even though the other kids nap at 1pm, and he has to have his own room. She also wanted my mom to read the book, "Baby Whisperer", because those were the methods she used to get him to sleep and he only sleeps for her.

    They asked if there were an children from different racial backgrounds attending the dayhome, or that came around the house. They wanted to be reimbursed if there child became sick and had to be picked up, and wanted 24-48 hours notice if my mom were too sick to provide care (cuz the flu gives you a heads up right?).

    At the end of the interview they said they would call my mom and let her know in a day or so. This morning the mom emailed my mom back and said they would go with her, but they felt my moms full time rate of $28/day (low i know), is too high, and they think considering it is a home based business, they would be comfortable paying $15/day!!!! They wanted to drop off at 6:45am and pick up at 5:30pm...Seriously!! !

    I almost fell over when my mom said that. These people sent up many red flags for me, and I told her I wasn't sure if I would take them, they pretty much insulted her by offering almost half price. My mom said no, by the way.

    When this child goes to a daycare center, they won't go out of their way to accommodate their diet wishes, and he will nap with a room full of kids, whenever their nap time is, not on his schedule. There in for a bit of a wake up call. I think he would be better off with a nanny!!

    To top it of, the mom is a teacher and the dad is a cop, so money isn't the issue. I just couldn't believe it, I was insulted and I wasn't even the one dealing with it!!

    Have you ladies ever had any parents like this? I still cant believe they wanted full time daycare for $15/day ($300/month)!!

    Thanks for listening

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    Kudos to your mom for sticking out the whole interview and not rudely kicking their butts - figuratively of course - to the curb after the first 10 minutes. Red flags - not just small flags whole red bolts of fabric fluttering on this one. It does make you wonder if parents honestly believe themselves some of the things they ask for.

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    wow !! Thats just crazy !:

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    Honestly, even putting aside all the ridiculous requests or demands...as soon as they asked about "kids from different racial backgrounds" being around their child, I would have asked them to leave....and that takes a lot for me! I agree that they would be better off with a nanny...although they had better be willing to pay one properly! Thanks for sharing as it truly makes me appreciate the overall normal and decent families I have as clients.

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    Holy moley! I would have politely told them then and there that it was not going to work. And how RUDE to say your mother's price was unfair! I wish I could see their reaction when someone puts them in their place.

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    Rofl wow....priceless!!! Some people hey!? (shakes head)

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    That is just beyond anything imaginable.

    Cheeky Monkey Daycare

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    Can I say that somehow I am not surprised by this.

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