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    I have in my policies that children need to be accident free at daycare for 2 consecutive weeks in a row, before I will even think about underwear. Back to pullups asap would be my request to the parents.

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    I actually train in real underwear but only if child is ready to train. To determine ready child must know they are peeing/pooping not just that they did pee or poop, must be able to communicate they need to go either verbally or other way, must be able to pull pants down, sit on potty, stand and pull pants up by themselves with no help, must be willing to go potty if sent to try (not at the "no" to everything stage), and must be willing to sit and remain until peed.

    If child showing ready by these things, I prefer panties to train in as little trickle of pee down leg is good lesson. But I lucky - my house tiled from front door, down hallway to washroom, into kitchen and dining room. My living room is carpet. It not big deal to move children out of living room for couple of weeks if needed.

    If child can't do all things I want or if parent pushing before child is ready, then I require pull ups. I also require that parent does full weekend at home first. I not here to toilet train children because their parent want stop buying diapers before child is ready. I here to support parent not do for them.

    Let parent have whole weekend of peed/pooped floor. It gives some reality to situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzie_Homemaker View Post
    I now understand.

    You not parent - you is either Emma H. with new account because not getting your point across of you one of her little friends.

    True narcissism.

    Now you switch accounts and object to observations. Game playing at it's finest. I leave you to get on with it. Very twisted.

    Sorry to crush your scandal but I was just throwing in my 2 cents and I am now finished. Plain stupid, rude and ignorant you are, coming to your conclusions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzie_Homemaker View Post
    We multi-task for most part. When kids eating food, if all independent eaters we just need to be close by for choking hazard.

    Also, it just take a few mins now many have internet on cellphone.

    Like when you at office. You go to washroom and stop by a friend desk on route and exchange few words, or maybe nip to coffee room and pour coffee and have quick chat to colleagues. I seriously doubt that you head down, working, full on, all day every day.

    Also remember, this is county wide site. So here in PEI. it now lunchtime. For others it might be early evening.

    You had time to create account and comment and your child fine in those few mins? Likely play at feet or on swing? It's not like sitting in front of computer for 10 hours a day. It jump on an off, like you chatting to colleagues for short time each day.

    It amazes me the double standard of expecting a day care provider to be fully focussed on children from 6am until 6pm when no other profession not expected a couple mins interaction here and there throughout day. If you think it any different at day care centre, you very, very naive.

    People like you are the main reasons we interview. It two way process. Unrealistic parent who pay $35 an hour for 12 hour day which is about $22 after food, milk, heat, business expenses is actually paying about $1.80 an hour for care. You really, really expect to be boss too and to limit all interaction for duration?

    It okay that home day care not suit you. But understand you attitude is unrealistic and many of us would not take you if you not think it okay to spend short time when children napping to interact with others. Or would you prefer that we one of those carer who stay off line but instead have friends over during nap time to interact?

    When parent paying more than $1.80 an hour, perhaps they in better position to judge and apply standards which not apply to themselves?
    CLAP CLAP CLAP...You win the internet today. This is hands down the best post i have read all day. Many many MANY good points in your post. GOLD STAR for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by bizzybee View Post
    Sorry to crush your scandal but I was just throwing in my 2 cents and I am now finished. Plain stupid, rude and ignorant you are, coming to your conclusions.
    You not being honest poster but you underestimate adult ability to see through fibs. Also, you not understand is how people show true colours though pattern of behaviour and also the simple understand that when someone's story make not sense, it not normally truthful.

    When someone like me is reading and writing in language different to main language, lot of attention payed to nuances of text because if word new to us, clues about meaning come from rest words in sentence. It possible to recognise posts of some people from how they express opinions.

    Your tone when you post as Emma and Busy Bee is the same.

    Same contempt in language used, same superiority, same self-righteous view of others and same vocabulary. Also, like Emma, when now posting as parent Busy Bee, just my reply pulled out to comment on. So same pattern of behaviors between your two accounts.

    You and Emma are either same person or she is feeding you information to write.

    You pop up and claim to be new poster who been observing in background and say that you not like inhome care because we spend too much time online. You then target just my comment to prove your point.

    But if you really lurker like you claim, your would have concern about way most frequent posted talk about client behind their backs rather than speaking to client, you would have concern about mean streak and you would see that one person creates over 50% of new threads. This is logical person to persecute if you parent concerned about carer's time on-line. But you bypass her comment and come direct to mine. That make no sense and so very unbelievable until pattern of behavior is compared between both accounts.

    If your concern truly time we spend on-line, then it make more sense that you target a poster who is representative of the problem as you see it.

    Even more interesting is account for Emma gone silent since Busy Bee account appear. Not one peek out of original account. Normally not shush all day. Busy Bee show up and Emma gone all quiet.

    People are not idiots! You game player with no conviction to stand behind your statement. You even confirm that you editing your aggressive comments about your client because a client uses this site and you not willing to be held accountable to rants and mean comments you make.

    You not trustworthy person.
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