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Thread: Ireland??

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    Quote Originally Posted by babydom View Post
    33 daiseys...I know nothing of these. Can u tell more?

    avoid or wear a cross. the religion war still lives on.?????

    leave an offering of sweet milk and tobacco on your door step, or you might offend the little people.?????
    It not like that - Northern Ireland is considered a different country to it's Southern part. For many years, Northern Ireland had what are referred to as "troubles" because of clashes between the Catholic and Protestants. Rifts existed in families for many generations and religious hatred. Belfast was in the thick of the troubles and I understand that even some streets were split with one side being one religion and the other side being opposing religion. Much violence and many, many shootings. I even hear that children escorted down street to school by gunmen.

    But I think although some undercurrents (?) of that mindset, much of troubles now settled. And it not like that throughout and Southern Island totally different.

    It was in Northern Ireland in the thick of the troubles that the terrorist group called the IRA (Irish Republic Army, I think) were based. This group responsible for many bombs. One in London Harrods maybe, one Christmas time.

    I think 33 Daisies saying to avoid wearing cross because of religious war background but I think this no accurate reflection of today and it not like you would be going into the poverty areas is it? Or the housing estates where violence is more likely. Every country have areas that best avoided as tourist but avoiding wearing a cross rather over reactionary.

    Sweet Milk and Tobacco likely something to do with the Leprechauns. I not heard that particular reference before. Leprechauns are like Irish Folklore fairy who causes mischief.

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    I've made two trips to Ireland and it is the most beautiful place you can imagine. In the Republic they use Euros and in Northern Ireland they use the British pound. We took a tour around Belfast and the old guy who had lived there all his life told us the most amazing stories. But it is being rebuilt and is peaceful now. The Giant's Causeway on the Atlantic on the northern coast is a must see. I could stay there just walking around for days.

    In Dublin you can take the hop on hop off bus and a narrator gives you a lot of info so you can stop at the places that interest you most. The library at Trinity College, the tour of Dublin Castle and the long, long walk around St. Patrick's cathedral were wonderful. Of course, you can tour the Guinness Factory and do eat the Irish Stew in Arthur's Pub at the top of the tower. It was the absolute best thing I've eaten in my life.

    My favourite part of Ireland is the west coast though, with the Cliffs of Moher being the most peaceful, beautiful place to view. Killarney is a cultural city and loads of fun. Take a jaunting car ride (horse & buggy) through Killarney National Park to Ross Castle. Dingle is my favourite small town and the Dingle Peninsula is absolutely gorgeous. The Ring of Kerry runs for 100 km and is worth the drive.

    Of course there is Blarney Castle, but my favourite part were the gardens and forest outside, even the Poison Garden, lol. I would recommend that you look up CIE Tours. I went with them on both of my trips. I don't know if you are driving or not, but you can get highlights and ideas just by looking over their trips and all the places they stop as tourist attractions. Also, the hotels they use are top notch. I have friends who go to Ireland often and they always stay at bed and breakfasts because they drive and they love getting the real stories from the real Irish.

    Do not try to make jokes about shamrocks or leprachauns or make fun of their culture. They won't like that! Actually, they believe strongly in the fairies! Be prepared to eat a lot of potatoes. Well, those are the highlights, haha.
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    I lived just outside of Dublin for almost a year about 10 years ago. It was amazing! I was lucky enough to get a work VISA and was working in a classy hotel. I spent 2 weeks up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and had no issues at all. The only thing that was strange was that on Sunday's everything was closed! It's not like that in Dublin! If heading up to Northern Ireland, it's worth taking a tour up to the Giant's Causeway ~ stunning!!! The tour that I took also stopped at a distillery, which was equally amazing, for other reasons! lol Definitely go to the Cliffs of Moher, and if renting a car, drive through the Connemara, in County Galway. Such a strange and beautiful place. I never made it down to Limerick, but I did go to Cork , which is lovely....basically, the entire Island is AMAZING! Cannot wait to take my family back there for a visit! You'll have a blast!!

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