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    My daughter won't fasten up her jacket.

    Me and my 8yr old daughter (born in Canada) are living in Scotland where weather is very unpleasant, today we had heavy rain/hailstones and high gusts of wind with low temperatures of 2C.

    So, with weather that bad and temperature that low, Rebecca had to bundle up but she didn't want her hood up because "it makes her hair all spikey" or her school jacket fastened up but because weather was so poor, I put a hat on her and fastened zip of her school jacket right up to the top which wasn't easy because she kept wriggling and fidgeting about but I did get it fastened and explained why.

    At School she isn't allowed outside to play or for recess until she fastens the jacket, that rule is in place because teachers don't want kids coming into classroom complaining of the cold or with soaking wet uniforms due to not having common sense to fasten their jackets up.

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    Natural consequences. Not point having this battle. You aren't with her all day and so you can only win it some of the time. Let her go out with jacket not fastened. What will happen? She get cold, yep. She not allowed out for recess? Yep. She get wet? Yep.

    Natural consequence. If she wet, she stay wet. She 8 not 4 so live with consequence of decision.

    I bet if you just stopped talking about it, and trying to persuade, she'll learn hard way and if she doesn't, only her who uncomfortable, wet and cold. More fool her.

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    She's 8 she is old enough to decide when to zip up her coat. She has you in a power struggle. There are bigger things for you to battle over. 2degrees is not cold enough for any serious harm so leave her to decide.

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    I agree with the others she is old enough and it's a good thing that the school doesn't allow her outside when her coat is not zipped, eventually she'll learn it.

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