Hi there! I've had a dcg since she was 15 months. Until she was about 26 months she used to violently bang her head on the floor when she was upset. There was a brief period (a few months) when her vocabulary increased and the banging stopped and things sailed along smoothly. Now, for the last few months she has been having HUGE screaming tantrums several times a day. Usually they are for something ridiculous. I'm very firm with my rules and have tried the usual consequences. To top it off she has now started screaming "hug me!" while tantruming (I don't --- I tell her that when she screams and stomps she makes me feel angry but I will hug her when she settles down and I give her affection and praise when she is behaving appropriately). I've been very open with the mom and she has the same issues but, being a single mom with a difficult child, I think she gives in quite a bit to avoid tantrums. For example, she came today with a pj shirt because she could only get her "half dressed" (I.e, without a tantrum). I would like to avoid terming this girl but she's making me crazy! Any advice?