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Yes, I knew about our own child counting in the numbers. I had called awhile ago and asked because financially, it makes more sense for me to keep working and my husband to take parental leave. However, it doesn't work because I'd only be allowed 3 instead of 4 kids. It doesn't matter that he would be home 24/7, that my dc is completely separate from our living space or even if he took our child to his parents house during the day. Seems so silly to me that it's not allowed but play dates with other parents is "okay". Oh well, the law is the law I guess!

As for my dc play dates, they have always been with past parents and their children. I had a provider near me suggest we get together but I think we're going to do it at a nearby playground.
This is one of the reasons that I got licensed, It didn't work financially for me to only be allowed 4 kids total. For me, it would have meant only having 2 daycare kids.