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    Opening Up A Daycare Centre

    Hi everyone,
    I was just wondering if anyone knows how to go about opening up a daycare centre in Ontario. I have tried to find some information but it isn't really clear. I also read that you need to have a ECE diploma to open one or equivalent. I am wondering if that is accurate and if it is what is considered equivalent.

    Thank you

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    If you are meaning an actual daycare centre with multiple children and teachers there is a very long list of rules. Contact the ministry of education for information.

    IF you are meaning a daycare within your home you may have 5 children and no you do not need to be ECE to have a home daycare. There are new rules coming in soon in regards to the age ratios of those 5 children.

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    Hi are you still looking into opening up a day care?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asma View Post
    Hi are you still looking into opening up a day care?
    Hi. I think it was posted on 2015, I'm sure she moved on.

    But, as I also remember around that year is when all changes started happening many centres got in trouble the full day kindergarten took in many children from daycare centres and centres had empty classrooms (the government had to also help them out by covering basic operational costs).

    It wasn't really the time to think in opening a daycare centre when many were about to close. Even in Toronto where parents complained not having enough spots. There are many open spots but the basic problem is affordability. So, the libs stepped in and basically created a grant system to keep the centres open and by doing so those centres could operated maintaining reasonable costs.

    But also they have created a system or application has become easy to open centres (current problem in my case, in my neighbourhood they have created for- profit and non-for-profit centres.) Many homedaycares are currently closing.

    Also the two under two's regulations(in ontario) is another factor that has become challenging for many of us.

    I had always a long waiting list and practically no need to advertise, it has changed so, instead lowering my rates as many in desesperation are doing I'm transitioning slowly. I'll keep open as far as I have minimum 4 but with a higher rate (considered low ratio and my group of parents know that my rates could fluctuate depending on my enrollment); if I end up with three then I'll close. I rather look for a minimum wage job or dedicate more of my time to a second activity I have. I'm keeping my eyes open.

    If you Asma, are thinking on opening you can find a lot information in government websites for centres and also for opening home daycares.

    For centres, yes it is mandatory that the director has Ece. (You do not need to have one you can easily hire an Ece to be the director). And also classrooms have also Ece's.

    If you're opening a homedaycare you do not need to have ece. But it definitely helps in the long run.

    Good luck.

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