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Thread: Buying a House?

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    Buying a House?

    We weren't in the market for a house, but we drove past one that was so perfect we had to take a closer look. And when we took a closer look, it was even more perfect, and we had to talk about rearranging our finances to make it work. So now, in 24 hours, we've decided to try and buy a house!! Today is also only the 2nd day it's on the market.

    Any thoughts/experiences? I don't have any concrete questions or freak outs, but I'm excited/nervous/worried/hopeful/curious and having a hard time processing the ideas behind leaving behind the apartment life for the responsible-investment life.

    The house is just beautiful. It's small, yellow, has original wood floors, built in 1920, and corrugated tin roof in the kitchen. It's also much less than we were planning to pay for a house. It's a great size for just me and my husband- and a little one hopefully in a few years.

    Does anyone have advice, want to share my excitement, or just want to take a little of this nervousness off my shoulders?! Have you a bought a house? Was it a good decision? Should I be worrying about my credit instead of what color to paint the guestroom?? Will I still have time to work full-time, craft full-time, read full-time, and be a full-time wife if I have a house to maintain instead of just an apartment??

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    I think you know what to do

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