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    Which CPR training to enrol in

    I am taking my CPR some time this month, and after researching I am stuck on which CPR to take. I know I need to take at least the CPR-C but is it standard CPR-C or Emergency CPR-C?

    Which CPR training do you have?


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    Who will you take the course with? The organization will probably be able to tell you the best one they offer. We have specific course requirements here in Que, so you should find out if there are requirements where you are. I've done St. John Ambulance, ParaSecours (Que.), Red Cross and Heart and Stroke, most recently.

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    make sure you mention to that you care for young children when you apply so you will attend the correct class
    personally I like the red cross better than st john's ambulance as it is geared towards doing the CPR in class and knowing how to do it right rather than a test at the end of a day after lots of videos at st john's

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    So one person told me I could take standard First aid and CPR - C... and the other told me EMERGENCY FIRST AID and CPR C is all i needed. Standard FIrst aid is the 2 day course so I am thinking the one I would take is the emergency one as I hear everyone saying its a ONE DAY course.
    I am going through SOSFIRSTAID here in Ontario

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