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    It's a period of quarantine. it is therefore important to provide children with entertainment and study at home. You can find lessons online so that children do not lag behind the curriculum. Use computer games for entertainment. There are games that stimulate the development of logical thinking. You can find game description and minimum requirements in your PC to install the game on sysrqmts. It helped me in choosing too.
    My son plays the exciting game Subnautica https://sysrqmts.com/games/subnautica. This is a fascinating game about the mysteries of the underwater world. You need Windows Vista SP2 to play on your PC. The game uses high-quality graphics, so the game needs a good amount of memory and a video card Intel HD 4600 or more

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    Hello everybody! Isolation period made us to stay at home. So I remembered my childhood dream - to learn to show tricks. I started looking for devices for tricks, I found them here www.markedcardsstore .com Then I found on the Internet how to use the marked cards. And now I can show simple tricks with cards, the children are very happy. We also played poker with friends over a cup of tea and everyone had fun.
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    It's a good question, I don't think you should plan every day in advance for your child's classes, it's very tiring. Ordinary games in the open air, walking in the park, or with pets (if you have one) are fine, for example, you can entertain your child with video games or come up with some kind of activity related to needlework. I recommend looking for videos on YouTube in which experienced parents share tips on organizing leisure activities for children. I managed to find there about a hundred videos on this topic, and basically, such videos had from 20 to 25 thousand views! I am sure their authors use https://soclikes.com/ services in order to wind up views on YouTube.
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