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    Need activities for older kids

    Hello all!
    I recently signed a family with a two year old girl and her 10 year old brother. They will be starting with me in a month. I am looking for activity ideas for the 10 year old! These kids will be with me 3-4 days a week, and then once school starts the boy will be before and after school. When schools starts, the boy will be doing homework after school (with my 9yr old, for about half hour) then I want him to do something but don't know what! What types of things does a daycare do with older kids? I want to prepare before he starts so that I'm not tempted to give in to spur of the moment requests! LOL
    Thanks, looking forward to seeing suggestions.

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    Just my personal opinion but...

    Snack, homework and then unstructured free play (indoors and outdoors). As great as it sounds to have planned activities for the child each day...that is for us adults to feel like we are doing our jobs better. The child has been in structured lessons all day. When they leave your house they will go home for supper and bedtime routine with a bit of family time in there. They just need a chunk of time to do what they want!

    Have some activities handy (markers, lego etc) for if the child is seeking ideas. Have some active game ideas handy if they are unsure what to do while outside but try to just let him lead the show and play.

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    Even I agree this. Outdoor or indoor games whichever kids likes you can add them into activity and for handy activities like circus world you can try these out.

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    According to personal interest of child you can try both indoor and outdoor games. You are doing a good job of holding a daycare center, its really a good thing. Before few days i have read in a article about Long Island Day Care preschool, and they are conducting different different events for same age group.

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    Spur of the moments suggestions are great...it gets the kids thinking and being creative

    On school days I wouldn't worry too much about panned activities, just have age appropriate supplies/toys for him. On Inservice days and holidays, I'd plan a couple activities....cool science experiments, "big kid" activities etc

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    I do have 2 daughter one is already in school. we always do her homework and review (including educational games)1 1/2 hour from mon to fri and every weekend we always paly anything like on playgrounds,parks, travel etc. typical family activity

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    older children

    I always find older boys a bit more challenging to keep busy, especially difficult if you only have the one! I allow some electronic time ( I have an iPad that I allow the kids to use), I have some more complicated crafts ( more 3D building kind of stuff. I was surprised how much my older boys liked learning how to make pom moms with yarn!
    I have a large collection of books, including some comic or graphic novels. They really like the non fiction books about weird facts/tales, amazing animals, Guinness book of records, etc. I have some puzzle games for one person (like Rubik cube and Tetris)
    And of course getting outside as much as possible to the park where they can usually find another boy to kick a ball around!

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    Only Minecraft is needed

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