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    What do you do with older kids during nap time ?

    Hi there !

    I was just curious has to what others are doing with the school age kids during naptime. Do you let them play any quiet game they choose ? Have a little TV ? Engage and plan activities for them ?

    I have 2 school age kids here that no longer needs nap, still have a little quiet time. After that they play lego, K-nex, board games but I don't do anything special just for them. It's still my down time and I prepare snack, clean up and eat and take a breather.

    What do you guys do ?

    Thanks for your feedback !!

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    When I had kids who didn't nap, they were allowed tv, puzzles, colouring, books, Lego or their ds's, iPods, iPads etc if the parents allowed it. Sometimes they'd help me bake or get afternoon activities and snack ready. Sometimes we'd do a special activity but not everyday. My husband is home days and all summer so sometimes I'd take them for a special treat to the ice cream store or movies or just play outside while he watched the nappers

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    Here any that don't nap either draw/color, play quietly or watch tv. I put the tv on, paper and markers at the table and they are free to do what they like as long as they are quiet. I do not plan anything. That is my time to eat, play games in my iPad etc. my down time.

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    I don't allow tv or electronic equipment, but they have their own down time on the couch looking at books. They have to be able to spend the 1.5 - 2 hours quietly, entertaining themselves on the couch before I allow the "no nap." I have also found with the kids that need a nap but parent doesn't want them to nap, they sleep longer on the couch! The ones who wake up on their own or who just can't go to sleep have the same rules.

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    I only have one of 5 that nap this summer - although 3 of the non-nappers are my own, and they know the drill pretty well. Quiet time is the only time the TV is allowed to be on (I usually let them pick a Disney movie) and they know they are allowed to play quietly in the playroom, colour, read books, do puzzles, etc, but they must be quiet. My kids like movies when they're allowed them, and my current dckids are TV junkies, judging by their mom's FB and the glazed-over look on their faces whenever they see a screen, so we don't have a problem.

    I had all nappers all school year, so this is a temporary issue. If I consistently had a non-napper, I think I would put together a basket of "quiet" toys that they only get during quiet time - special lift-the-flap books, stickers, maybe special crayons or markers depending on their age, etc - and change it up every 2 weeks or so. I am due with baby #4 in a few weeks and am planning on hitting the dollar store and doing something like this for my youngest, who is almost 3. She gave up naps a while ago, and when her older siblings all go back to school and we're left with napping dckids and a new baby, she will need a special distraction at naptime when I am nursing and trying to rest!

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