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Thread: Video monitors.

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    Video monitors.

    What baby VIDEO monitors do you guys use, if u use one? I'd like to get one for my nap rm. is the screen ok to see everyone? I find them so small and always seen them used for one spot in a crib, how would I see a whole rm? Also are you nervous about hackers? I saw on the news a video monitor that you can also use with your iPhone and talk to the child. A hacker got in and started talking to the baby at 2am....was scarey. Are the monitors hackable that don't use the iPhone, just base to screen, kind of thing? Thanks for your help!!!

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    Mine is a uniden. It is just a monitor and camera. I have it in one corner of the room so I can see the 2 smallest kids. My screen turns off when room is quiet and back on when there is noise. I always leave the volume off and the picture on the screen always gets my attention. Mine doesn't connect online so no worries there. I also have a talk feature so I can talk into the monitor and the kids hear me.

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    My main one I use is a defender. I got it from Walmart in the States. I like it as it's a handheld and I can talk to them on it. I have 4 in one room and have it angled so that I can see 3. By process of elimination, I know when it's the 4th child being noisy or moving around. It's this one but I only have one camera, not 2 http://www.walmart.com/ip/Defender-P...and-T/40309653

    My other one is a summer infant and it's like a mini tv, not handheld. I don't mind it but my first ones monitor quit working shortly before the year was up so they sent a replacement. I don't need it right now so it's just sitting in the closet. I do like how the screen is bigger but it does take up more room. It's also from the States Walmart http://www.walmart.com/ip/Summer-Inf...nitor/23735522

    The hacking of baby monitors is creepy but it doesn't concern me too much. The benefits outweigh the risks IMO.

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    Mine is Lorex brand. You can add numerous cameras to one monitor. I have 4 camera's but not sure the maximum you can add.

    I ordered it online when they had a decent sale.

    I wouldn't expect it to work to clearly see a full room but you would hear them all no problem and would see general movement, just not great detail. Depending how the kids are all placed in one room you might benefit from a second camera from a different angle in the room. It would really depend where you place it. If you install it high up on a wall you get a bigger viewing area. We use the 3M sticky Velcro tabs that just need to be pulled to remove later.

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    Mine is lorex too. No worries about hacking into them, because they aren't hooked up to WiFi.

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