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Thread: Summer burnout!

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    Summer burnout!

    this is more of a vent than anything. I am not feeling well today. My head is pounding today. Oh I wish I had paid sick time so I could crawl into bed and sleep the day away.

    I am a sucker for punishment. I know I do it to myself. I have too much going on and I know I bit off too much. We got some livestock this year and I have chores to do 2x a day (usually only takes 10-15 minutes each time). Chickens go to be slaughtered on the 14th so really looking forward to them being gone! I have a huge garden and attend a farmers market Saturday mornings. It is time consuming but I sell lots and the extra cash is great, not to mention fresh produce for us and daycare. I can't keep up though and I have so much weeding to do.

    Over summer my teachers child is gone and I get an older sibling to a current daycare child. This means I have children awake all day. They do watch tv and color etc during nap but I just don't get my break to myself (my daughter would go upstairs to watch Netflix if all daycare kids slept). Just not getting my down time I feel like.

    Then there is all the other summer stuff! Weekends are filled with running all over, camping, visiting, late nights, early mornings. The calendar for August is just as busy. Then come sept we start with back to school, new daycare child starts, my daughters 2 activities.

    My husband also just got a new job and starts on the 17th. So there was all the stress/excitement from that.

    It's raining today. Somewhat happy that it potentially means I don't have a garden/flowers to water plus an inside morning full of free play (we did our craft already). I have leftovers for lunch today so not too much effort to put in that.

    I am just exhausted and pooped!!! I need a holiday from my life!! Just for a day or 2. Thanks for letting me vent!

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    I totally understand. I'm feeling the same way. I was contemplating closing today just because I was so exhausted yesterday. But I just couldn't do it.

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    I can't imagine keeping up with a veggie garden!! We have 9 flower beds. They are a disgrace to the neighborhood lol. Luckily only 2 are seen from the street. I can't keep up with the weeds. I never got around to replanting so there are HUGE open spaces (by open I mean all weeds).

    The best I could do was to have tomatoes, peppers and zuchinni and I admit I paid extra for the huge, partially pregrown planters and plopped them on the patio lol. My daughter loves picking the veggies and little work for me. But...the yard has sooooo much more potential than I can ever meet.

    Hope you find a way to get some rest!!

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    I think being overwhelmed and busy is common for most people these days. It's really important to make time to rest though. I burnout about 1-2x a year but knowing this, I make sure to take holidays! There are times I can't always really afford it but I make sure to take them anyways!! This job isn't an easy one to take holidays or sick days but I'd rather do that from time to time than run myself down and be miserable. I also really believe it's important to work to live and not live to work. The memories I make on my holidays are priceless

    I hope you can find some time to relax and rejuvenate. It's important for your mental health!!

    PS. Told you the animals would be a lot of work!! Lol it will be worth it when your eating fresh chicken, pork and eggs though!! Good luck with it all!

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    Lol. Thanks 5LM. I know now to get the chickens earlier next year so they are ready for slaughter at the beginning of summer instead. They are what is the most time consuming. The rest are good with their self waterers and feeders. I do love nothing more than to sit on a hay bale in the pasture and to watch them all. I haven't even had time for that.

    My garden is full of weeds. I just accept the fact. I pull a few 5 gal pails full every few days to feed to the chickens.

    Loving the rain today as it means I don't have to water!

    Now that my husband will be working locally he will be able to help with yard work and errands.

    Tonight I just have supper to make and chores to do and that is it! Early to bed.

    Next year I promised myself I am taking more time off!! I am looking forward to sept long as I have 5 days off in a row!

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