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    Quote Originally Posted by TinyTwigs View Post
    I use vinegar diluted with water it works the best for me
    I've heard about vinegar too! And they say it's a natural disinfectant.

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    I use diluted bleach and wash a section each weekend so over the course of 2 months everything gets done with some areas monthly and some every two months depending on what has been played with the most. I wash the baby toys for the mouth weekly with dishsoap and then bleach in the rinse letting them sit till they pile up and then give them a clear rinse under running water and set to dry. I don't do them daily and those chewing are limited to the infant toys if you still put stuff in your mouth - act like a big kid and get to play with the big kid toys as it isn't fair to one of them to pick up a block or fisherprice people that has drool on it. As someone else mentioned I find the less I actually clean the toys the healthier the group stays.

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    I always use Lysol wipes, for toys and highchairs between meals until the end of the day and then I use soap and hot hot water for the chairs. I clean my daycare every Sunday. My dcks have become like siblings, all used to each others immune systems, although it took a good couple months once my spots were full. It would be impossible for me to clean a toy every time it goes into one of their mouths. It's literally constant here. lol. The only time I will disinfect during the week is when someone is sick or has been sent home sick. I probably have way too many toys in my daycare and cleaning them every night would take me a good 3 hours

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    I regularly bleach the toys I can, use Lysol wipes for the battery operated ones I can't and steam clean any plush toys. For small teething toys that are frequently chewed I use boiling water as a quick clean during the day and then they get bleached or put in the dishwasher (I have an extra heat option).

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    If using Clorox wipes or Lysol wipes, it is important to follow the directions and rinse off any chemical residue from the wipes afterwards - if there is any possibility the child will put the object in his/her mouth - or put their fingers in their mouth after touching the object (even if wiping the floor - as little ones crawl around on the floor and then put their fingers in their mouth). Rather than use Clorox wipes or Lysol wipes, it is much safer to use a product that is non-toxic and does not need rinsing afterward. Some children may have a reaction to the chemical residue - better to be safe than sorry.
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    I rotate my toys weekly all are washable, so around thursday and Friday all get washed. It helps not having too many. Friday all toys soaked and washed in dish soap or placed in the dishwasher. Shelves and the whole bathroom wiped with dawn soapy warm water. All daycare bedding in the washer machine as soon as they wake up from their nap on Fridays. So basically Monday all is sparkling clean. New toys and freshly laundered bedding and towels. I avoid using chemicals. Just Dawn dishsoap. It works.

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    I use diluted bleach or disinfectant - and I use the wipes for the quick clean ups during the day both on toys or highchairs or counters. Vinegar and water is a cleaning solution but it does not kill germs and it's useless for sanitizing. Cleaning and sanitizing are not the same thing.

    When it's cold season, I have also used the Lysol spray too.

    I have a bucket of diluted bleach on my kitchen counter and sucked, licked, sneezing on toys are dropped straight into that instantly and then I get to them during naptime to rinse and air dry.

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