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    When ever I take on a part timer like that it is made very clear to them that it is not permanent and that is subject to a full timer coming along. The PT is then given two options - pay the full time fee or give notice. Just tell her that you will fill in till April so she will have care till she can find someone else and that you are going to continue to advertise for a FT since you realize the finances are important. Do not let on that you have had contacts as it is non of her business. Then go ahead and interview, etc but as much as possible honour the April timeframe. We try to go out of our way to be nice to parents even when it hurts us financially or personally but if the situtation was reversed parents rarely give us the sme consideration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by playfelt View Post
    We try to go out of our way to be nice to parents even when it hurts us financially or personally but if the situtation was reversed parents rarely give us the sme consideration.
    I find that too! Have a family I love, but Mum has taken time off to work on the house and brought the little one in after having his immunizations this morning. I recently edited my health & illness policy as I had another parent do that a few months ago and the day was disastrous! However I didn't have the heart to tell her no, he is fine - no fever etc, but you never know. They're also going away tomorrow so he won't be attending daycare...I get a day off So yeah I felt bad to say anything!!!
    Thanks for the advice on that part-time situation, I will consider giving them the due notice after April if I find someone suitable...

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    WOW! There is no easy answer to this one. It is hard! Do you have a clause about giving notice on your contract?

    One possibility is to talk to your neighbor. You're not licensed so, be open and speak to her mom-to-mom. See if you could help her out until she finds alternative care.(kind of like a months notice) Let her know that you won't leave her stranded, but because you are so limited to how many children you can have, you really need a full time client. Then (if all goes well) let the new clients know that you have a space opening in a month.

    Who knows, maybe this will spark other ideas and options. Good Luck!!!

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    So, I had the interview with the parent, and came out straight forward. I told him the situation that I'm in, and I would love to take all kids, but Full-timers mean more income for me. He completely understood, and I have the 2 school-aged kids until the end of the school year!

    Come Sept. I will have two f/t school-agers (my neighbours), my current 22 month old, and a possible 14 month old (interview on Monday!).

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    Play and Learn: Andrea - so what your saying is your bef/aft school kids are paying full time care to you? If thats what your saying ....wow! Congrats!!!
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