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    Offering Before and After School Care

    I started my Dayhome a couple years ago. Its been going well and its been great to be able to stay home with my kids. Up until now I had only babies and toddlers. But I had a new family start recently and the youngest is not in school but her older brother is. I wasn't sure if I was going to offer b&a school but going to give it a try. One of the girls who has been at the dayhome since I started is also starting school this year. I haven't had to use before and after school care for any of my kids before so I am unsure of how to go about it. I want to make a contract that is fair for the parents but also fair for me and my business. Was looking to get an idea of what other dayhomes policies are like for b&a school. Such as would you serve a snack before school or just the afternoon snack. Would you charge full time for march break ( the dayhome they had before didn't but I would think you would as you are now providing lunch and other things for a whole week) or Christmas break as well. I am the one dropping them off and picking them up. The other thing I'm not sure on is I will have one in full day school so its just a little bit in the morning and a little bit in the afternoon. But I have one in half day kindergarten so its taking her to school in the morning and picking her up before lunch and then feeding her lunch and then she is at the dayhome all afternoon. I don't want to charge full time as she will be at the day home half days but want to charge a little more than my school rate as I will be providing lunch and care all afternoon. Just not sure the parents would be ok with the higher rate then the other kids school rate. Any ideas anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated

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    Where I am most providers charge 22$ a day for before and after. Depending how early they come it could include breakfast. It always includes an after school snack before pick up. For a half day kindergartener they charge a half day rate. So,if they charge 45$ a full day then half day they charge 25$/30$ a day including lunch and afternoon snack. When it's pd days or school holidays and they are in your care all day the full day rate applies.

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    Personally, I charge $18/day for before/after school care and full day rates for summer holidays, March break and Christmas holidays. I just give afternoon snack for them as well.
    For the child you have for half days, I would charge slightly lower than a full day, considering you still have to feed them lunch and they are with you the rest of the day.

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