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    Gift for excellent provider

    Hi all;

    I would like to tap into your collective experience. My daughter is getting ready to go to JK here in Ottawa, and I would like to give our daycare provider a nice parting gift. She has been wonderful, and her son (also in the daycer) and my daughter are best friends (I have taken him on playdates on teh weekend, and we joined them camping once). Also, I would like to mention that she is 5 monthe pregnant.

    So all that, I wanted to get her something for her, something nice and not too generic, and not necessarily for the daycare per se. They are big into eating out (getting out of the house after being there all day??), so a nice gift certificate to the Keg or something is always an option, but is there anything else that would be nice? What are some of the best gifts you have received (or worst - something for me to stay away from!!).
    Thanks all in advance.

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    Stay away from things that never get used.....candles, soaps, shampoos, bubble bath. I don't like those anyways. Lol. Best that I love getting is money, gift card to a restaurant or gift card to the movies. Also get a little toy for her son and a little baby gift

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    Spa day/session - providers (and Moms) not always good at taking time for self.
    Gift card for favourite restaurant.
    Wine if she drink wine

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    Personally I love gift cards! Restaurants, Tim hortons, or bath and body works!!

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    I have one mom that shows up with really well thought out gifts 2 or 3 times a year. It's usually a bottle of wine, some candy or chocolate, and a few other items like a nice bath and body works soap or lotion. Each time is different, and I can tell she put a lot of thought into making a great gift. I bet whatever you decide will be great, because it's well thought out. I love the idea of getting something little for her child and the baby too.

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    I rec'd an LCBO gift card this summer which came in handy.

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    Your kindness and thoughtfulness will lead the way in selecting a gift she will appreciate. You are on the right track thinking to get something more for her enjoyment, rather than for the daycare. You know her better than any of us, so trust your instincts. No matter what you decide I highly recommend adding a nice card or note that lets her know how much you appreciated the wonderful care she gave to your daughter. Gift cards are great and certainly get used up, but the notes and cards of appreciation I've held onto for years.

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    I have received some wonderful gifts and the best ones were a sign for my daycare, a camera
    and a $75 gift card to a mall , there was a great restaurant at the mall so we ended up going there I have being very lucky with great parents

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    The best ones were in no particulate order: home made cookies, slippers, mittens, jars of hand mixed candies, hand made candles, cat toys, movie/store/resturant gifts card always in an amount for dinner for the whole family, massage/pedicure/manicure gift cards, comfy blankets, winter mittens, snow boots, hand made beaded bracelets in jade and onyx, an amazing boot rack, Tupperware containers, and the best one was a parent showing up at closing on my birthday, with a picnic basket dinner full of home-made goodies and yummies in a beautiful woven basket.

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    Very timely but last night, long term client came with gift. Their son is going to school next week. I had their daughter before him. So these been client for 8 year now.

    They brought my husband pretty gift box of home-made oatmeal and raisin cookies which is his favourite. They bought me spa day with massage, facial, and body mud treatment. They gave gift certificate for local take away because we renovating kitchen.

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