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    Any chance it's west Ottawa? I can take him

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    My son contract lawyer. He said you are legally entitled to a copy of any contract. The a contract is only valid if both sides sign their agreement. If she not giving contract then only reason is 1) This full year pay of leave not in her contract or 2
    ) She has lost the contract which means she has nothing to enforce.

    He say if she has change of heart and provides copy, make sure it is signed copy, not a blank contract she could have written this evening. Without your signatures, it not worth anything.

    My son advised to tell here straight and direct -
    We have sought legal advice regarding this matter. Please be advised that we will not be paying your annual leave for a full year unless you produce a signed contract where we agreed to do so. We will not be discussing this further.

    He said don't pay it.

    He said only pay what you 100% know you owe which is likely just fees for her notice period. Most people charge for days reserved for a child so fees are due whether or not child is present. If hers set up that way, just pay for the notice period. If her fees set up so you only pay for care on days attend, then my son said don't pay her a dime more. Take child out of her care and be done with her.

    She is playing you for fools because she cross. If it really was in contract, she would shove under nose quick as can be, to prove herself right and you wrong.

    She not going to sue because it not there.

    I have a feeling I will never see a copy of the contract.
    And without it, it unreasonable to expect you to abide by terms just on her say so and your memory.

    She playing games. Leave her to play on her own. If she wants this extra money, it on her to prove she entitled to it.

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    Thanks Suzie, I really appreciate getting your son involved to advice us on this matter. We suspect it's not in her contract that we have to pay her 1-2 weeks upon termination. I only remember she gets 10 paid days per year, so basically, after 3 months, we have to pay her 2.5 days and she already took 3 days. We don't owe her any paid vacation.
    We have already paid for the notice period, ending this Friday. I guess if it really was in her contract that we have to pay her 1 week or 2 upon termination, then she would have insisted and not say it's up to us. I believe she is taking chances to get paid when she doesn't really deserve it.

    Anyway, it looks very unprofessional to me. She could simply admit she was in the wrong and tell us we don't owe her anything, then amend her contract for future clients.

    If my husband fails to see the contract tomorrow, then tomorrow will be my son's last day and we don't give her any more money.

    Babydom: I'm in west ottawa, I'll pvt msg you
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    Awesome! I don't see the message yet!

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    I dont think paying for a providers vacation is appropriate. If they close you should have to pay. Holidays on the calendar are different like christmas day easter and so on. I dont mind paying for those days. Unless her contract says 10 days of paid vacation to be paid by each client yearly or at the end of their contract Id say she doesnt have a leg to stand on. If it just says 10 days of vacation then you pay for what ever she took while you were in her service. I would clearly write this out to her so she understands her contract has a loop hole and she needs to address that before sending out new contracts

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    Original poster had me thinking this provider was in the wrong until I read the comment that said that you were afraid she was going to slap you. Really? Then why did you continue to bring your child to her and put your child in a harmful situation?

    I also find it very rude when women try to get their husbands to intimidate providers into getting what they want. Everyone is reading one side of the story and it shocks me that people are siding with this women.

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