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View Poll Results: Do you charge for absent days?

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  • Yes, regarding or not id kids come parents pay full price

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  • Yes, but I give parents a discount if they don't show up

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    I feel like parents are taking advantage

    I just opened my home daycare 6 months ago so I am very new to this business.

    Being that there are MANY home daycare's in my area (4 including mine 10 mins away from each other all on the same street!) I thought my prices and policies had to be competitive.I can't work away from home due to family issues so I decided this would be a good option for me.

    I got new clients in september, 2 siblings, I am charging $30 each per day full day, during interview the mother told me they would be needing care 4 days per week guaranteed only in special occasions which she would notify me ahead of time they wouldn't come all 4 days. The problem is I told her, if the kids don't come I wouldn't charge her any money. Now they started coming first week of september, they have only come to me 1 week all 4 days, the rest has only been 3 days and 2 days per week. I am really losing money and I do know its all my fault for telling her I wouldn't charge her, now I have a feeling she is taking advantage of that and getting grandma to have the kids and only when grandma can't have them she is bringing them to me.

    We never signed a contract .

    I am thinking of confronting her regarding this matter and asking her that now I will be charging her for the days she originally told me she would need me for, 4 days a week. Do you have any advice on how I should do this?

    I am inexperienced and I do realize I got myself into this mess and need to get myself out somehow. I am prepared that the mother wont like this and may want to remove the kids from my care but I'd rather fill my spots with people who actually come to daycare and pay vs these guys who are occupying spots and not giving me revenue.

    I have learned my lesson!

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    Just be honest and explain you understood they would for the most part be there 4 days a week, with only the occasional shorter week. In order for you to plan budget wise for your family you need to have dependable income. Find what works for you and offer her the options. Options may be: pay for all days booked for care that you are available, pay for all days booked for care that you are available with 5? days absent per year not requiring payment, move to drop in care at $35 per day, but spot not guaranteed, etc. She is already getting a deal as most providers would charge a full week rate if client was seeking 4 days of care.

    A great deal is learned in the first few years

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    Explain that you can't continue with reduce days and holding place. Tell her that you require payment for all 4 day regardless of attendance and will be having contract so it clear for all. If she leave, you no worse off. The good thing with no contract, you not tied any more than she is.

    If money issue, then find replacement and then tell her to go elsewhere.

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    Thank you I will definitely be doing that, I did send her a paper home asking her to sign it to serve as a contract but she never brought it back to me signed and then claimed she lost it so that technically means we have no contract.

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    yes, you don't need someone who loses the contract and only brings the kids when it suits her.
    we all live and learn

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    When she show up next, hand her a contract and state: "Please read and sign this contract. You have until X day to return the signed contract. If you don't return it by X day, then X day will be your last day of care."

    Give two weeks. If not returned signed by the end of the two weeks. Then no more care.

    I don't allow any child to enter my care until the contract is signed and deposit is in my hands. I have then come to my place to sign the contract. This works best for me and my business.

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    personally i would have handed her a contract this morning and told her that if it was not returned signed by 5pm or what ever pick up is, your agreement is nil and void, and that you will be filling the spot tomorrow.
    It seems as if they are royally taking advantage of you.
    Hope that it turn out well, and if it does't, at least you will have saved you a headache later on.

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    I was thinking the same as 33 daiseys. No contract so u don't have to give any notice. Give one day. Hand it to her in am and expect it back by pick up time. Or u don't see them again starting the next day.

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