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    Daycare assistant

    So I hired an assistant 2 mornings a week because I am pregnant and wanted to have coverage for OB appts etc. I also thought it would be helpful to have an extra set of hands the bigger I got. Well, I lost one client to an over seas move and another family has spoken to me about the possibility of a spot opening for their son at a centre before Christmas (I am closing in Feb so they are all looking for alternative care). The less kids I have, the less need I have for her or finances to pay for her.

    I really don't find I need her aside from appts however have to offer her enough hours for her to stick around. She seems fine to be alone with the kids if I have an appt but she seems to want me there helping her if I don't. For example, today I left her with the kids so I could so some cleaning, cooking and banking. I don't feel I should have to explain to her what I have to do and I think she should just deal with things as they arise. Instead, She called me after 10 mins because a kid fell and cut their lip. It was no big deal and I wish she just would have dealt with it. I told her he was fine and I had work to finish.

    My other pregnancies were considered high risk because of a preesisiting medical condition. By the 2nd baby they weren't really concerned and now #3, they have no concerns. I did get Cholestatsis (my liver stops working properly while pregnant) with the other 2 babies that made me have additional ultrasounds to monitor things ad I was induced at 38 wks. This time around, that hasn't become an issue so far.

    I guess I'm curious about how often someone with a "normal" pregnancy sees their Dr. and what I should do about my assistant? Should I let her go at Christmas and just close the daycare for any future OB appts? Not sure if my daycare families could manage this as my one family has zero family in Canada. My assistant made it clear she would not stick around if I decreased her hours. Another option is to keep her and have a conversation about what is expected of her and use the time she is here to relax, do my other household work or attend appts.

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    During interview and paid trial I weed out potential assistants that will not be a good match, same as daycare families. I also have clear employee policies and rules that make our relationship work smoother, similar to contracts for dc families. If I were in your shoes, I would either fired her if I can foresee no improvement or if I see that she has potential and is willing to learn I will train her to work by herself when needed. Also you could reduce her hours, but offer her to pay her more per hour or look for some one willing to work on call. If you want them to give you priority when you are offering only a few hours you will have to pay a bit more, you just have to make sure you are not loosing money, maybe closing for the day would be wiser than paying an on call assistant that will eat up your paycheck.
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    Maybe I misunderstanding but to me, an assistant assists. When she came, she likely expected same (other than appointment times which were clear she would be alone). I think if I went for job as assistant, I would not expect be doing all while my boss does non-work related things. It fine you doing that but it could be she not expecting to do it all unless you physically not there and I think it reasonable assumption.
    Afterall, if she going be left doing it all, then she might well open own dayhome.
    She might have viewed this as safe, small environment where she can find out if this field she want work in and maybe never expected to be running alone other than odd time for short time.
    She might have taken role because it small home, no responsibility, and not primary carer.

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    I'd let her go at Christmas. Ur closing in February. Your not going to have a lot of appts in just those two mths...given everything is well. I'd close for an appt. Try to make them early so they can just drop off later or make them latest as possible so they just pick up early. Also u can see if any daycares in ur area has spots open to help out if needed. But really it's just two mths I think u'd be able to manage just fine without the assistant Congrats by the way!!!

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