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    What to do?? Sorry this is long!

    Need some outsiders thoughts.......my mind is all jumble and I'm all over the place!

    I have a DG whose 2.5 since April 2014, so have had her over a year. Awesome girl, no complaints. Mom had another baby.....baby brother! He was signed onto contract to start early nov, so next wk. I didn't take a deposit to hold his spot as she kept daughter in three days a wk the whole mat leave. I had other children fill in his spot I am holding so financially it worked well. But now the fill in kids have moved on to school and I sit half empty as I hold spots. I only have two full timers. One is three days a wk as mom is on mat leave and baby will start next July so they'll both go to full time. My other one I mentioned above is also three days a week with brother starting next wk. it's been hard money wise since sept with only two full time and two three days a wk. I NEED to fill more full time spots. So I am looking forward to brother starting next wk and going full time with sister after he transitions.

    Here is where things change!!! Brother who is starting next wk has been sick ALL his first year of life. In and out of the children's hospital. Doctors visits galore. Always has a cold and is now on two puffers that requires twice daily only if he needs it. Despite this he acts normal. Happy and plays. As so mom tells me. I see him in the car at pick ups and he's always smiling at me. So because of that mom is saying he has LOTS of appts this wk with blood tests and until he gets the results back he can not start daycare. So he may not start next week or even maybe not start at all.

    So now what??? I'm left waiting on these results if he's going to start or not and I'm in desperate need to fill spots and get back on track on having full timers. Also if he does start, I'm not comfortable with his health. I'm nervous about giving the puffers. I'm nervous that I'll be calling mom home to pick up if he gets sick often. But if I just not take him I'm also screwed as I've turned ppl away the last two mths holding this spot for him that I'm not sure I will fill it now if I don't take him if he can come.

    Sigh. Like I said my mind is all over the place. Will he start? How will he be in daycare? Will he be able to fit in like a normal child? Should I just say I can't wait any longer and fill his spot? But then his sister will be pulled out too. What if I say I don't feel comfortable taking him, then the results are fine and he ends up being a great daycare kid??

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    Well, if he is chronically ill then the family will have to expect they will need to pick him up when needed so they shouldn't be surprised by your calling, especially if they are waiting for test results to see if he is healthy enough to start.

    It kind of sounds like they might be waiting for some blood work to see if he might be strong enough to be in a group setting to fight off bugs. BUT...if he has a younger sibling in group care she would be exposing him to those same germs already.

    Ultimately you need to be comfortable AND looking out for your best interests. I think it is legit to send home notice that you have taken a huge financial hit by holding this space for them and by having the daughters space empty 2days a week for them. If they wish to proceed they will need to start paying for the full time spaces as of next week (as originally planned).

    Otherwise you will begin to look to fill those spaces and if they happen to get the blood work back before you have another family signed on you can give them priority (if you so chose).

    You CANNOT let your family and business suffer financially sitting around waiting on them.

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    Puffers are no big deal. i have siblings that require them often. The younger one is also on a nebulizer due to chronic lung disease because she is a preemie. But ultimately it is what you are comfortable with and what is best for your business.

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