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    Maternity leave and holding children's spots

    Hello all, I am just wondering what everyone's policy is regarding holding spots for a mom who is on mat leave. What do you require.... first child to stay in at least how many days a week in order to hold for their sibbling? Do you deposits if so how much? Do you even hold a spot...just curious as Ive got an up coming mom due and not sure how to deal with it. Thanks

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    I require sibling in at least three days a week. Or if they both leave they check back with me three mths before mom needs to go back to work and then I take a two wk deposit per child if I have the room for them to come back

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    I used let children drop day keeping min 3 but not any more. It mean 2 day week loss and little chance someone want those 2 days for only mat leave term but need them available for original child return to at end mat leave. Since often no place for baby, it risk them leave and if a 2 day week child is making up their reduce days, then stuck with that arrangement and have look for second PT child for the 3 day a week.
    I avoid whole situation now as I not take any part-time child. If mom is on mat leave, child can either stay FT or leave entirely and welcome to return, if a space open when they need.
    For me, not worth having whole year of loss and might well cut loses from get go and replace. Normally that easier as have longer time as birth gets closer to find right fit.

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    I don't hold spots open for them. If they want to continue sending the older one a min. of 3 days a week until mom gets some rest, then that's fine. It doesn't guarantee me holding a spot open for them. I find that most of my parents can't afford to go back to work after number 2 baby, as if they are not in school yet, childcare is easily $2000 a month for 2 kids(in my area)

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    I don't hold spots. If they want to keep original child here it must remain full-time. There are no guarantees I will have room for baby. If a spot opens up they must pay from when it opens to hold it.

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    Moving forward things will drastically change for me since the new Ontario rules have kicked in meaning it isn't just sufficient to have a space opening it has to be for the correct age of child too. If it works out that I could take an infant at the required time I would allow the baby to have the spot provided the older child stayed in care 3 days a week. If the space is going to open way before they need care and aren't willing to pay full for the spot from that date then I would advertise to fill the spot of the older child for 2 months after due date (ie giving mom the 6 weeks recovery time she can use care as needed). No sense saving or wasting a spot on something that isnt' a possibility.

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