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Thread: Payment

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    I have a question regarding payment. I have a client coming into today (my first client). I just want to know how would payment work when first starting off. Do they pay an enrollment fee and how does that work, and also how would i do payment after. How do other provider receive payment daily, weekly. I will be charging $35. I'm just starting off so I just want to know how other providers do it. Thank you in advance.

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    I charge a 2 week deposit that is held for final 2 weeks of care. This is given before they start.

    They then pay for 2 weeks of care the Friday before the care for those 2 weeks starts.

    This means I never work a day that is not prepaid (so they can't just up and leave without paying.

    I take either post dated cheques (a few months at a time) or they can pay via email transfers.

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    I charge a one week deposit when a family registers. I hold that deposit until their last week.
    I get paid on a weekly basis on Thursdays.
    If they don't pay then I would not offer care the following week and I wouldn't be out any fees. Thankfully that's never happened and the system has worked very well

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    I charge a 2 week deposit, which is deducted from the last 2 weeks of care.
    I do monthly fee schedules detailing how many days they are scheduled for, and how much perday.
    I take 6 months of post dated cheques at a time, and payment is all on the 1st, or divided btwn the 1st&15th, so I am in control of the cheques, and always have them in advance.

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    same here ...2 week deposit at contract signing to be applied to the last two weeks of already commenced care and then the first two weeks starting the friday before care starts and then every friday from then on ....always in advance and i only accept cash or EMT

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    I am the odd one out here. I get $300 deposit on signing and then apply it to the first 2 weeks of care. I then get paid bi-weekly on Friday morning for the following 2 weeks. I have only had an issue with 1 family over the last 5 years trying to leave without paying when leaving. I did end up getting paid. I still apply my deposit to the beginning of care.

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    Also an odd one here ha ha! While I do take a two week deposit to cover last two weeks of care....I do not care how or when parents pay. By that I mean that everyone pays for care in advance but can decide upon registration if they prefer to pay weekly, bi weekly or even monthly. Makes no difference to me, they can decide what works best for their finances. I have never once had to chase payment.

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    Like most others, I ask for a deposit and apply it to last week of care. I also get paid in advance and do it biweekly (one parent does it monthly). If a parent wanted to do it weekly or monthly that would be fine....as long as it's In advance

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    I'm really the odd one out here. Lol. I never get paid in advance (I should really change that...haha) it just feels weird that I'm getting paid without working yet. Any other job u work then get paid, so i guess I'm used to that. Although I like the advance payment better so if they skip out, ur covered.

    I take a two wk deposit...applied to the last wks of care. And then paid every Friday for the wk I just provider care for. I accept cheques, posted dated cheques, emt or cash.

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    No, no, *I* am odd one out - maybe.

    I get one week deposit which apply to final week of care. I get paid two weekly in advance on Monday morning - no fee, no care. If Monday is stat day or closed day or child on vacation, payment still due on Monday. I take cash or EMT so parent need to either bring cash on Friday or EMT fee before normal opening time.

    But, even with one week deposit, I require 4 week notice (6 if sibling group). My contract clear fees due regardless of attendance. If I increase fee, they get 14 day notice so even if they give notice on day they not like fee increase, they will have pay for two week at new rate.

    Contact clear that legal action will always be taken for outstanding debt at contract end, plus filing fee, plus late account payment fee of $10 per day from start of debt until court date.

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