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    Relocating Daycare

    Hi everyone I am new to the form but a long time stalker hahah! You all offer so much wonderful advice and it's always been so great reading everyones posts.

    As for myself I am in a little bit of a tough situation. I currently run a home daycare in a small town in the Cambridge/Guelph area and this have been great. I will have to move to Toronto to be closer to my daughter specialist at the Toronto General Hospital. She has KTS (Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome) and now has a growth forming on her hip that the doctors has to regular more often to keep tabs.

    My issue now is that I am the sol income provider, it's just me. I am worried to move to a big town where living costs are so high but at this point I do not have another options. I will be moving in the area of Leslieville Toronto and was wondering if there is anyway to find clients before you move or if there is anyway you can fill spots quicker in a bigger city like Toronto. I am hoping that that area is going to be good for childcare as my parents live in that area and will be helping me out with my daughter.

    If you have ANY advice please feel free to share! I looking forward to hearing from you

    I am fluent in French so I am hoping that that might help me fill my spots
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    The first year after a move can be very hard. No one knows you and are unsure. Make sure you get into the community to get known. If you know when you will be moving start advertising as so as you can. (A well established home daycare coming soon.)

    Your parents are in your new area, this is good. Give them business card and/or brochures (can get them made on visitaprint.ca) have them hand them out to EVERYBODY that they can. Get your name out there. if you dont already have a website, make one. You can make one for free at http://www.weebly.com/link/oXlibO

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    You're moving into an in demand area for childcare. I think Toronto parents expect a lot because they have to pay such high costs for the daycare. You offering a bilingual program will be a good sell. Other things that have helped me to be successful in Toronto is offering "unprocessed foods," no TV and lot's of outdoor time. These are things parents want in Toronto.

    I would start advertising now and start a wait list for those interested. Are you moving soon? Have a website with what you offer and that should be plenty of info to at least generate some interest. I doubt anyone will sign on without seeing your new space/location. Do you have a place figured out yet?

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    Thanks so much! Like I said always great advice Lol
    I was thinking about advertising now, I do offer organic food only (nothing processed even if its organic ), I cater to dairy free, gluten free and veggie diets, cloth diapers, French is offered, no TV, no running errands on the clock and all my toys are wooden nothing plastic. I noticed a few daycares in Toronto follow Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio or a combination. I do not offer this as I know nothing about either or so I am wondering if this will hurt my business in the end. I do not have a set space just know the location. It will happen within a year time frame as I need time save. What is the going rate for childcare in Lesliville?

    My plan is to payout my rent 4 months ahead of time. lets say my lease ends in December I would save money to get Sept Oct Nov & Dec paid out in August then put my the money I would be making in Sept Oct Nov & Dec towards my rent in Toronto, Work in Guelph and conduct interviews in Toronto on the weekends? This way I am making SOME money, showing off my new space and have 4 months to fill 5 spots. What do you think ?
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    I'll be honest, your plan to have a place in Toronto and interview on weekends while still running your daycare elsewhere I don't think will work. You need to be in the community, meeting parents etc. You need to start advertising NOW so those moms on mat leave currently will already be on your wait list (and call you having made that connection) in a yr when they need it. I think this mostly won't work because you need to have your program started for it to be seen as viable. It can be very hard to sign on that first family and I think even harder if they see you haven't even started in your new location.

    Enter your parent's postal code into the home page here and see what the going rate is. Toronto is very diverse in rates depending on area. I think some are turned off of daycare's run in rentals unless you are renting a house. I think when finding a space you need access to a backyard space and of course the daycare needs to be approved by your landlord.

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    I already connected with a few moms and no one questioned Condo vs House they asked me to contact them when I know that I will move. A lot of centres like Downtown Toronto Montessori are in corporate buildings and if there is a near by park not sure why having a backyard would make a difference considering they are taken out either way. I have done a lot of networking with a few Toronto providers and Daycares in condos are very common as that where a lot of people seem to be living and it's extremely beneficial if you take on client in that building. I currently operated out of condo in an area where everyone lives in houses and I am the only provider in Guelph that I know of that runs a daycare out of a condo. I have never had an issue filling spaces for this reason so I am not worried about the condo aspect of it.

    I would set up a daycare in Toronto with new toys and sell off what I keep in Guelph until I move. Even currently I only conduct interviews (mainly safety purposes) after hours and on the weekends so either way even if I had 4 kids enrolled in Toronto the clients that I would be interviewing wouldn't see a program either way as it would be after hours.

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    I am also considering downtown Toronto as that's where a lot of people are telling me they need care as well and there are no houses in downtown Toronto

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    Reading this I wanted to add my two cents in for what its worth. I have a friend who operates her home daycare out of a condo very very close to downtown Toronto, she makes $75 per day and she's always full lol.....so that may be a good option.

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