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I think the thing that works the most for me is to just not buy the stuff. If I have chips in the house I can't refuse them so I just don't buy them. My husband understands and we don't feed it to the kids so it works well. Salads etc are great but eat them in addition to other foods. I lost a lot of weight by eating a salad before every meal. I would end up eating a bit less of the main meal but also just having that salad I found made me feel better etc. We don't really order take out and I just go grocery shopping once a week so I can avoid the temptations. If you don't have "quick foods" in your house then it forces you to learn to wait to make stuff.

Snacks that fill me up: whole grain pita with hummus (my "go to snack.")
veggies and hummus

Now, I say all this but I am pregnant now so I have not been as strict on myself
That's really a good way to lose adequate amount of weight