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    Business license

    Can you, and should you, register an unlicensed home daycare as a business in Ontario? How do unlicensed home daycare providers pay taxes? TIA

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    No you don't need a business license to operate in Ontario. You can register the daycare name and get a BIN number if you like, but not necessary. As for taxes you calm as self employed child care provider.

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    You can get the BIN, which registers your business name and gives you a unique business identification number. The only reasons to do this, would be to ensure that your business name is yours and can't be copied; as well as you can use your BIN number instead of a SIN when giving tax receipts to clients. The govt. can fully track you through the BIN. It cost about $60, and is good for 5 years.

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    No, it's not necessary

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