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    Parent asking to not pay for days sent home with lice

    I'm not sure how to reply to this message.
    They found out he had lice wed. night and kept him home Thursday and Friday was Christmas. He was home yesterday because they were off for boxing day. He came this morning and I did a head check and found a bunch of brown eggs still. I picked out a bunch to show them. I messaged mom and let her know he had to be picked up. Then I got this message from dad

    Hey, it's ****'s dad. I'm heading there to get him. I have a concern of paying every day he has to miss for being sent home. I'm sure you understand. I paid last week because he was just treated the night before. But if he ends up having to stay home each other day (other than the stats) it's a huge financial burden to have to pay. Can we work something out?

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    Sorry! They pay for the spot. If they do the proper treatments and get all the eggs there would be no concern and he could stay. Right now it is risking all the other children and yourself getting lice! If you have to close are they going to pay? No! If other kids get it and have to stay home will he compensate them financially - no! It is something that can easily pass to another child - same as a very contagious infection - they need to stay home and fix the problem.

    I actually have in my sick policy that if a child gets lice they cannot return until after the 2nd treatment! They still pay. I cannot and will not chance it!

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    Nope. You want the spot when your child is lice free...then you pay for it. As for it being a huge financial burden to have to pay.....it can also be a huge financial burden for the provider to give up her pay. It is also none of the providers business what her clients financial situation is and I would tell them that.

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    ....and wouldn't it be a financial burden for YOU? Do they not know this is your income that you count on? Ugh, some parents!

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    How does this sound?
    I'm sorry but having to stay home with lice is the same as sick days which are paid as stated in the contract. Lice is something contagious and if it gets spread to the other kids he could end up getting it again after all the work you put into getting rid of it. Also there is one mom who is pregnant and wouldn't be able to treat her child. I have to make an appointment to get my head check which I will have to pay for.
    I do understand where you are coming from but it would also be hard for me when I'm counting on my income to be able to pay bills too. If you are finding daycare fees to be a financial burden you could try applying to OneList, they offer subsidy for child care costs.

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    I would keep it more professional. I would remove the word SORRY and remove the personal information about another family being pregnant. I wouldn't put your personal information about paying someone to check your family. its non of your clients business that you are paying someone to do that. and basically telling them to look for cheaper care might not go over every well. Keep it professional and keep emotion out of it.

    I would write something like this. Since lice are contagious it falls under the sick day policy in your signed contract. Therefore you are obligated to pay your fees in full for the time your child has missed. As for your financial situation, this falls under clients personal information and as per the contract can not be discussed with me the provider. Thank you for your understanding.

    Yes I do have a clause about only speaking to the parents about their child's care and not their personal lives in my contract. This is to protect me from parents seperating and/or in finacial trouble, not my business. however I do end up talking to them about other parts of their personal lives.

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