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    Providing homecare for 1 child (plus my own 2 kiddies - ages 1 and 3)

    I live in the Lorne Park area and am currently on maternity leave but have decided to stay home longer with my two kids ages 1 and 3. I want to provide care for one additional child in my home for 2-3 days a week. I think it will be nice for my 3 year-old to have a playmate until he begins school in September of 2017 and I enjoy children.

    Is there any laws that would apply to my situation? I know I would have to provide a receipt to the parents (what does this look like?) and formally claim my income. I will remain unlicensed but will look up the rules for child care. I don't want to make any mistakes in terms of the regulations that I should follow.

    Also, does anyone know how much I should charge in this situation? I do not specialize in childcare; however, I am a licensed professional with the Ontario College of Teachers OCT (experienced high school teacher).

    I have just begun to research this possibility but any help, advice, or important links you could provide me with would be fantastic.

    Thank you in advance! Colleen

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    Which province is Lorne Park? This national forum and every province have rules/laws/regs but what they are change from one province to next.

    The receipt information is same across board. Their name and address, how much they paid, dates they for for, your name, address and your SIN number. If not have to register your business with the province you in, but if you do, you will get a Business number (BIN) and then you use that on receipt instead of SIN.

    Rate change not just different province but different community. Try going to home page of this site and type in your own postal code as if you parent seeking care. If any carer's in your area have ads on here, then you will be able see what they charging. Lot of carer have degrees in unrelated field so that not always mean more money. Even ECE not always able to charge more than local market rate.

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    There are laws in every province regarding home daycares. Each province is different. If you are in Ontario then you can only have 5 child under the age of 10 yrs. Out of these 5 children ONLY 2 can be under 2 yrs old. Your children under the age of 6 yrs will count in your numbers.

    So you can only have 3 kids and one under 2 yrs, since you have a 1 yr old and a three year old.

    For more information on the laws in Ontario, information about insurance, samples of contracts, handbook and forms please check out www.homedaycarebusiness.weebly.com

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    Caring for one child regularly in your home is still a home daycare. So you are required to be aware of and compliant with all the home daycare laws of your province. It will just be a bit easier to be compliant while caring for one child as it would be harder to be over numbers of ages :-)

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