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    Rough Transitioning

    Hi everyone,
    I currently have a DCG who is just started with me this past week. In all honesty has been a nightmare. She screams (no crying) for pretty much the whole day and she also throw tempter tantrums by kicking her legs and throwing herself on the floor.

    I am a very patient person so that isn't my issue as I am wanting to work with this child. My issue is I have no idea what to do!! I didn't even know child could throw tantrum like this at such a young age.

    If anyone has ANY advice please feel free to let me know!

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    You don't mention exactly how old. I have just had one like this who screams when he doesn't get what he wants / own way, and throws himself down on the floor etc. He was a dream the first month He's just finished with me today (going to recently retired grandparent) but I was surprised as when it started he was a 13 month old throwing 2 yr old tantrums! I used redirection or ignored it or sometimes just started dancing with him in my arms!
    He was an only child (but sibling due before the summer) and first grandchild so I think he was much indulged, which could obviously not be replicated in a group setting.
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    This child is 13 months closer to 14 months. The issue that I have is that the tantrums do not stop! The only time he stops is if he is picked up! I dont want to pick him up while he is doing that but sometime for the sake of the other child I do it becuase he can go on all day. LOl

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    No Screaming Bed!! ahaha I hate how they push parents/providers why cant they just understand lol I hate been firm/loud but I know at time it has to be home I will be trying that on MOnday and will update on Wednesday as t ohow the week goes

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