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    Breaking a contract


    Is it ever justified for a childcare provider to break a contract signed with a parent?
    If so, how do you go about it?

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    I have a clause in my contract that outlines the need to give 3 weeks notice to change the contract either by parent or caregiver. It also says that I reserve the right to terminate without notice if I feel that continue of the parent or child in the daycare is detrimental to the group. I havae used it for a parent that threw a fit and started swearing and for a 4 year old that sat in my kitchen and smeared his poop all over the room - table, floor, fridge, cause he was made it wasn't his parent at the door. My home my rules.

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    Those are valid reasons to terminate a contract.

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    I've been caring for others' children for many years LNR, and a couple of years licensed. I've never had to give notice. But if I did, it is in the contract that I will give them one months notice. If there was a reason that I needed to let them go immediately, I would give them their notice and return their deposit.

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