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    Operating a Dayhome

    Hi everybody,

    I'm new to this site as of today, so I'm not sure this would be the right place to make my query or not. Let me know if this needs to be directed elsewhere.

    I'm pregnant currently and beginning to think about what I will do once mat leave has expired. It's a little ways off, but I like to think ahead. At this point, I don't believe I'll go back to work after maternity leave. Given the economy currently in Alberta, I would like to be smart and make "some" contribution to our household income during the years I am home with a little one/ones.

    I have started to think about having a small dayhome during the weekdays. I am curious to know people's experiences with running this type of system and whether this is something that would need to be regulated by the Government or if people are able to function without licensing, etc.

    I have no issue with somebody inspecting my home for safety, criminal check and all that jazz - just wondering if this is a must before opening your home to childcare. I only plan on watching maybe 2 children in addition to my own? (Starting small, don't wanna overwhelm myself!). If I do have only a small number of kids at my home, will I require registering and a business license? If I would be the only caregiver/adult home during the day watching the children - is WCB needed? Is being paid under the table illegal?

    Another thing I wonder about is whether or not people are allowed to be very choosy on whom they take care of. I am not interested in watching children that have super duper helicopter parents (I'm sure we all know some...). I plan on very much being active and attentive with the children, don't get me wrong. I just don't want to deal with crazy parents who may be a tad dramatic or overboard. How do you deal with parents that exceed that line? Also, am I bad person if I don't want to watch children with allergies? Lol, these are things I wonder about. I cannot fathom not having peanut butter in my home.

    Sorry this is a bit wordy, just trying to get a sense of what I may be getting myself into and would like to hear people's experiences (the good and bad) with having this type of business. Is it worth the effort? I don't expect to bring in any crazy income from this but something that could help out the household a bit.

    Your comments are appreciated! Thanks.

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    Every place is different and me being from Ontario I won't be able to say if u have to be registered or if you can just be private. I'm not sure how it's run in Alberta.

    For picking your own clients and what children to work with of course you can you can be as choosey as you want. I have a no take list myself, a list of certain kind of parents that I will absolutely not take ....lol I also do not take any children with allergies I like to use peanut butter and don't want to have to worry about a child having a reaction.

    No matter how many children you take 1,2 or five it is still a business and it is illegal to take money under the table, you must claim all your income and the parents should claim as well.

    It is well worth the effort if you love children and if this is the line of work you want to go into. Running a home business is a lot of work and can be difficult but is also very rewarding and can be very enjoyable.

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