One of my dc moms is pregnant, due middle of next year. She told me a couple weeks ago and basically as soon as I found out, care for her son started changing. Drop offs got later and there were random days where she kept him home. I finally asked her one day last week what was up and she said she's on stress leave. It looks like she will be on it until at least the beginning of January but she has been advised to keep bringing her son to care on a part time basis. I told her I had no problem working with her and if she wanted, we could figure out something for the month of December and I would allow her to pay a part time fee.

But, what happens if we end up in January and she's still on leave?? I tried to ask her about that today and all she said was "When I know something, I'll let you know." I was hoping to tell her that we need to figure something out but then another parent walked in. I have never had problems with this family so I hate to come down on them, but seriously, I have to worry about my life/income too. I can't just go month to month wondering what's going to happen or how often I'm going to have this kid. I sent an email tonight expressing my concerns and am waiting to hear back.

In the meantime, in your opinion and as an outsider, do you think it's wrong of me to post an opening for the full time spot that DCB is/was taking up? The way I see it is he's going to part time, indefinetly and then even if he does continue here full time in January, it will only be for a few months before mom goes on maternity leave.

As a private provider in Alberta, I'm not at my limit of children I can care for (6 + own = 8) I have always said I would never take on more than 6 kids at a time (4 + own) but if I only have the extra one for a few short months (if dcb comes back full time,) I don't see it being a huge problem.

What would you do??