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    I agree with Suzie too! the tax writes off nice, but its does not give me more money. My biggest reason for continuing to do daycare is for my kids. My kids are older now, but just not old enough to be on their own. Also, being my own boss, I take my days off when I need to, and I dont ask for them. I actually find that I spend more money on clothes, I wont wear nice clothes while working, so I wear casual, but they get stained and worn out rather quickly, plus I have what I will wear when Im not working. Also, home repairs and cleaning , yes I can claim some of the expenses, but I can not claim my time, and I have to spend a lot of time cleaning and fixing things around the house that I would not have to do if I diod not do day care.

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    Hmmm... this thread isn't turning into what I expected. I know that what I'm "saving" by working at home is just going towards something else (CPP, insurance, etc.) And I also know that what people are saving on will be dependent on what their job was or would have been if they weren't doing daycare, what type of lifestyle they led while working outside of the home, their family size and children's age.

    My point of the thread what just sharing what some of have noticed that we save on by doing daycare. Again, it might go towards something else. And perhaps we (I) could have been better at saving before. But it's still interesting to see the differences.

    For me personally, I used to work at a job where I had to dress up in dress pants, blouses, skirts and dresses, and fancy shoes. The cost for those items are way more than the jeans and t-shirts I'm wearing now. Yes, they go through wear tear, but that's why I don't buy/wear expensive items while working. When I had to drive to and from work each day, I was filling up the gas tank approx every 5 days. I can now go two weeks without filling it. I went out for lunch at least once a week. We bought take-out for dinner at least once a week because we didn't have time to cook before our evening activities began. Other things I noticed is that I'm no longer spending money on co-worker gifts or giving money for various fundraisers that my co-workers or their children are involved in.

    I guess I'm just finding that in the grand scheme of things, even though I'm earning less than what I did working outside of the home. I'm finding that the amount of money I have left over at the end of the month ends up being about the same.

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    For me I just took my pay for one full-time child and threw it into my savings account. It took a little bit of getting use to but after creating a budget and just setting one childs income aside it really helped me

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    I'm only just starting out, but I'm saving money in many areas by working from home. I resigned my full time position (as a RN) because I would be spending over $2200 a month on childcare and gas/parking. It means that to break even on take home pay, I only need 2 full time DCKs. Hubby is encouraging me by pointing out the other benefits:
    -I'm able to bake/cook all our food from scratch. Even with feeding 2 meals and 2 snacks for daycare, our grocery bill has been lower because nothing is processed (I'm even making my own bread) and with advance meal planning, there's no waste. Working fulltime we often grabbed take out because we both did shiftwork and usually got home after bedtime, so evenings were a mad dash.
    -I'm still saving $600 in childcare per month, because the evening/weekend shifts I needed care for needed hourly babysitters, now I'm just taking up 2 M-F spots of my own (they fill 2 of my 6 spots).
    -Clothing is no change, as my work uniforms were provided, and now I wear old jeans/hoodies.
    -Heat is cheaper as I can keep the fire going in our wood furnace, no need to turn on the oil. We have a well, so no water charge.

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    I save a little bit of money by price matching and couponing.

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    I'm saving daycare .... My own kids don't count in my numbers but if I worked out of the home I would have to pay for daycare as only one of them is old enough to stay home alone but uncomfortable doing so ... Plus I never had a career just a job and at minimum wage I would only gross $440 and after taxes, daycare, and gas would be much less .... I gross $220/day in my daycare (full of course )

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    Having a huge playroom and napping rooms means I can deduct a large portion of our housing costs. I find saving money there to be the most noticeable. We've got to live somewhere and it's great to save a chunk (living in Calgary which is quite expensive if you want a large yard etc).
    The biggest saving to me is being with my kids - a savings of stress and emotional energy. While running a Dayhome is not without its stressful moments, most of the stressors can be eliminated by me.
    I still love shopping, so I don't save as much on clothing as I should....

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    Sadly, now my income isn't that high to save money. I am living paycheck to paycheck and I just hate it. But as far as I want to improve the situation, I am studying to be able to get a higher paid job. It's quite hard to study though, but when you use WayWrite or something, it all gets much easier.

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