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Thread: Teething fevers

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodge__driver11 View Post
    Hmm, not the info I got. I will ask questions and see. I send home if the fever is not low grade.
    Everything you described in your policy sounds a lot like the Baby Center article here:

    I also am a firm believer that teething does not cause significant fevers or diarrhea.

    But regardless, as providers, we exclude for the symptoms, not the cause.

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    It doesn't matter what is causing the fever. Child is not well and needs to go home.

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    Yes the child with a fever needs to go home as too hard to deal with a sick kid- sometimes hard to deal with when they are fine without having a fever too

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    I send home at 101 regardless, or a lower grade fever with lethargy or inability to participate in the program. Teething fevers are not generally 102 degress, more of a lower grade fever.

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