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    More Flexibility for parents

    The Liberal party is proposing the following:

    "We will make parental benefits more flexible.

    Every family’s needs are different. Canadian parents deserve a parental benefits plan that is flexible and able to adjust to their unique family and work circumstances.

    We will introduce more flexible parental benefits that will:

    allow parents to receive benefits in smaller blocks of time over a period of up to 18 months; and
    make it possible for parents to take a longer leave – up to 18 months when combined with maternity benefits – at a lower benefit level.
    We will work with the provinces and territories to amend their labour codes, to reflect these new federal benefits.

    This more flexible plan will benefit more Canadians, representing an investment of $125 million per year in the economic security of Canadian families."

    Do you think this will affect our business?

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    No. Most families will not be able to afford to take the full 18m off. They are lowering the % of your income they are giving families. Basically they will be giving you the same amount of money as if you where taking 12 months and spreading it out over 18 months instead. Plus there still isn't enough spots in centers for all the kids.

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    Not giving extra money just extra time. Lot family can't afford full year now so that not going change.

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    I definitely think it will help SOME families. But, I'm not sure it would change much for home daycare providers. The families it is helping are likely those that would have did an extended mat leave already. All this really does is provide an extended period where their job is saved for them. Since there isn't any additional money for them it just means they can stay home that extra 6 months and have a job to confidently return to. For some this may mean they stay home when they didn't before, but for most it won't make a difference since they would be home unpaid.

    Like with most election promises it really is a "read the fine print" kind of flashy promise that isn't as grand as it first sounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pink View Post
    We will work with the provinces and territories to amend their labour codes, to reflect these new federal benefits.

    Devil in the details. The Feds can't just tell the provinces what to do, and if the provinces have jurisidiction over labout laws... well, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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