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    How to approach this.

    I have taken in a friends two children which was a total blessing but mistake at the same time. I have a contract and she has signed it and agrees to it all. But because we are friends there have been times that I have let a few things slide (pickup and drop offs mainly). I have been noticing earlier drop off and later pick ups. For example her husband and her alternate drop off times so if he drops off he is almost 45 minutes later drop than her. This morning usual drop off for her is 6:15-6:20 and she was here at 6:05. She works about 20mins away that's even stopping for a coffee and she starts at 7. Just making my days that much longer. She does stop sometimes after work to pick up groceries too. So now her contracted hours originally were 9hours but it's now sneaking up into the 10hour mark. So how do I approach this without ruffling too many feathers?

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    Just a reminder that your contacted hours are 615-315 (oh whatever the hrs are). If you are here before 615 I'm not ready to open my doors yet so you will have to wait outside till I'm open. And please pick up on time as I always have my day planned out and every client needs to stick to their hours that they signed to in their contract. If it's an ongoing issue perhaps we will have to discuss other caregiving arrangements as the hours are becoming to long.

    That's what I have said before and it was taken well. Also learn from your mistakes.....never take on friends or family unless u can be totally flexible and want to be.

    If it doesn't work then let them go.

    Also DO NOT open ur doors till U are open. If u open at 615 then u should not open the doors at 605. If she was at a store ten mins earlier they would not open for her. I have had many parents waiting out my front door and texting me are u not open today? I don't respond or open doors till I open. Only happens once then they arrive on time!

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    I had the same problem with our neighbours. I took her 2 kids, thinking it would be great because I already know them, ect... What a mistake that was! Her kids were already with me 10 hours a day, but she would leave work and go grocery shopping, then get here late. She would try and give me sob stories about how she couldn't pay, among other things.

    I tried talking to her, but it got to the point that we would lose our friendship if I kept her. I ended up letting them go, she was pissed at first, but I'm glad I did it because we are still friends.

    As for your situation, I would say to explain that her hours are from this to this and if she needs more, she needs to let you know and you can revise her contract. Also, as Babydom said, don't open the door until your actual opening time and not before. And if she is late, enforce it with late fees (if you have them). Just don't let them take advantage of you just because they are friends.

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    Sadly line of friendship and client is blurry and this why so important to enforce contract with friends.

    You need sit down with her and speak honestly. Let her know that because you value friendship you let couple things slide but it's unfair and it's got to point you need to speak openly as friend and be heard.

    Explain that early drop off is not okay for any daycare child as you not open and you feel it especially abusive because you know that it not take her 45 min to get to work. And explain her why it not okay to run errand on way home and be later than pick up time and that any other client would be billed for this extra time.

    Unless you do this, it not going to change and the resentment will build and it will destroy your friendship.

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    Impose late fees for anything over the contracted hours. Are her hours specified in the contract, or just a general statement about any 9 hours within the day? If you agreed on 6:15, then don't unlock the door until then. I don't take friends or neighbours, it just gets too messy when you have to lay down the law.

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