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    Would like to know your opinion on this.

    Happy Monday everyone.

    I just wanted to share something with you this morning and get your feedback on it.
    So it was about 6:45 pm yesterday and my front doorbell rings. We don't use the front door or anyone we know. My daycare crew uses the back door, anyone that comes would basically be a stranger.
    It was a young woman with a child, who looked about 4. She tells me that she is looking for a daycare lady in these townhouses and she wanted to bring her 7 month old tomorrow !! I told her that would be me and that right now I had no openings. She insisted that it was only temporary and only on days she worked. I continued to tell her that I had no openings, that she could inquire in the middle of May, where I would have a spot. She still kept insisting, than I mentioned the new bill. It was like she had prepared herself for answers. She would pay me cash, how do they know I run a daycare, how would I get caught, and so on....
    I told her for the last time I couldn't do it, gave her my card for future and this website so she could look for other providers.
    I thought nothing of it, but than my husband said, that maybe it someone checking up on me, at that moment I thought no, but now that I look into it, I am wondering !
    She didn't have her daughter with her and what parent just comes now a days, to leave her child at 7 months the following day? Also wanting to pay cash and so much persistence. I also asked her if she lived in this complex and her answer was temporary ????
    I would love know your thoughts please

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    I don't know for sure but I'd assume they don't work weekends. Some parents are so desperate for care they will literally take whatever they can get and do what they have to too secure daycare. I think it was just a desperate mom....but who knows for sure??

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    I'm leaning towards a desperate mom. Lol. I get the same ALL the time. We always play out front and I have a daycare sign so I always get knocks asking for spots.

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    Makes no sense to me. Even if you said sure I can watch your 7month old just don't tell anyone. Until they show up with that 7 month old and leave them in your care you've done nothing wrong. You could have just said sure to get rid of the lady and not opened your door the next day.

    I've met parents that will leave their kid with people with no concern. In their mind if other people trust you surely you are trust worthy.

    I'd just assume the lady was desperate and look before you open the door again!!

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    Unlike official trap because they not work weekends and able come in without make believe back story. Unlikely be general public person trying catch you out unless you ticked off someone and they trying make you break rules to be closed down.

    Most likely desperate parent - not really care about who takes child since no background checks would be done before 7am Monday and no references speaking to. Will say if she has no respect for your weekend, or the regs you need follow, it not likely a client you need.

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    she sounds like a desperate Mom who just found out she got the job she applied for but had not organized daycare , and she was not aware of daycare rules of numbers of children in care and their ages

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    I had a very similar experience! The person who lives across from my backyard came to my door one day telling me she was happy to find a babysitter in her neighbourhood and would bring her daughter in the afternoons No matter what I said to her about having limited spaces, being full, not taking part-timers, she kept insisting she was just so happy that I was in her neighbourhood! It was the weirdest experience, but like others have said, she was desperate and was trying to bully me into taking her child.

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    I've had people ask about taking kids the following day. I don't take kids without an interview, contract, and (recent addition) references from former child care provider. The people seemed unconcerned about having an interview (wouldn't they want to interview me!?). I said no even though I had openings at the time. I figure they got kicked out of their last place for whatever reason.

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