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    and pretend to kick the cat and get it out of your system and you may feel better about this bad start to the day

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    I have whole weeks like this. A thought that ran through my head this morning was "damn, they couldn't pay me enough to do this job." It's a HUGE job, but I must say it is the most important job in the entire world (NOT an exaggeration). And if it is the one thing that allows you to stay home with your kids, then it is a gift and a burden at the same time.
    I thought my house was child proofed until I stated a Dayhome, I had to take it to a whole other level. My house is locked down tight. Gates and baby locks everywhere. My front door is locked and I have a high deadbolt locked during the day. Can't have runaways (it happened in Calgary just over a week ago!). Become a cheapskate when buying toys (goodwill store half price days.... Oh yes) and book. I've had kids shred and eat board books. It's wild. It it was next to free, you won't cry when it gets demolished or someone throws up on it.
    One thing I love about my Dayhome is that it makes staying home with just your own kids SO much easier, like cakewalk easy (and my son is Autistic, that's saying something). Going to Costco with 2 is easy, because I've done grocery shopping with 5 (and survived). It puts things into perspective. My weekends with my kids are amazing and I don't feel the need to pack in a whole bunch of fun, we can just relax and enjoy it being just us.

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    Im so sorry but also glad that I am not the only one who wants to quit and have her house back. It is certanly frustrationg dealing with kids ( and their parents for that matter at times). About your books I know they cost so much but I try and buy them from Value village or other sevond hand store and they are wayyy wayy cheaper. I have had to purchase ,any reapet book just beacuse they keep ripping it apart. But its better to 99c for them at value village as opposed to their original price.
    Take it easy and hope all goes well

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