My baby brother is very picky and doesn't eat, how should I try to make him eat more or interest and motivate him to eat? My step mother is almost never home because she has to work so I always have to care for my baby brother, he's 18 months old now. When we first started introducing him to solids at 5 month and a half, he didn't seem that picky and would eat everything given to him. But lately, I've noticed he doesn't eat as much and he's very picky with his food. I tried using the airplane trick to feed him, that usually worked for my little sister when she was younger. But it doesn't work. He always shakes his head and says "no". He doesn't want to eat anything, I tried to give him snacks like fruits, crackers and other little things he used to really like when he was about 12 months. The pediatrician recommended to give him a meal booster drink like Pediasure but he doesn't want to drink that either. He occasionally drinks apple juice but only once in a while. He barely eats anything and he's really small, he's a lot smaller than most kids his age. I really need help, how should I try to get him to eat more foods? Because he's very small and it's worrisome.